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Who death was the saddest?

Jin and Sun 0.68571428571429 68.6% [ 24 ]
Jack 0.14285714285714 14.3% [ 5 ]
Lock (Jacob brother) 0.11428571428571 11.4% [ 4 ]
Sayid. 0.057142857142857 5.7% [ 2 ]
Total Votes:[ 35 ]
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Okay who do you think death was the saddest?...
Oh and btw sorry for bad spelling sweatdrop
II think Jin and Sun was the saddest.. "I said i never leave you again" -Jin
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Oh gosh that's so hard to choose.

For me, it was Sayid. Even though it was very brief and I didn't see it coming 0____0 it broke my heart because I love Sayid!

Sun and Jin's was utterly heartbreaking! It shattered me and i felt so sorry for their kid.

Jack's was amazing. that was so clever to match it with the very first scene, AND with Vincent!!

So...I'll put these into categories.

For shock factor, Sayid
For emotion, the Kwon's
For clever writing, Jack
But as a 'thank heavens,' Locke AKA MIB
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Jack. I cried my eyes out.
It was very bittersweet.
It was beautiful, especially with Vincent!
Perfect, but extremely sad.
Jack. Just with Vincent, and the music, and everything. Charlie's is close behind. "Not Penny's boat" That one really surprised me.
Boone's made me real sad, as well.
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wait a second...Jack died! and Vincent too?!! OH VINCENT!!! EVEN THOUGHT WE COULDN'T UNDERSTAND U...AND U WEREN'T THAT IMPORTANT.....I LUVED U!!!! crying

BTW- i saw the last episode....but i thought Jack just layed on the grass bcuz he was tired. i thought when he closed his eyes after he saw the plane leave was a secret way of telling us LOST fans that there will be a sequeal! crying

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oh it was definetly Gin and Sun's death in the sinking ship, but Jacks death was sad too. crying
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Jin and Sun's. Definitely.

Possibly Libby's as well-- just because of Hurley's reaction to his one and only girlfriend's sudden, unnecessary death.

Charlie's was sad too but that's just because he was my favorite character-- the death in itself wasn't emotional per se-- just shocking and full of "Wtf! Get out there Charlie! Don't drown! Noooooo!"-ness.

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Jin and Sun's death was so sad, but sweet and romantic at the same time.
very true.. i was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO it was sad when their hands slid apart :'(
Jin and Sun's death was so sad, but sweet and romantic at the same time.
Im going to have to say Sun and Jin ...Although Charlies death was so obseen drowns becuz someone thought it was a good idea to jump into water with a bomb . hmm? wahmbulance
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bump stare
For the final season I would go with Jack’s, the way it was done was sad and beautiful at the same time, with Vincent at his side, so heart warming and breaking all at once.

Past seasons I’m going with Boone, Lost has been the ONLY tv show that has been able to make me cry and when it came to Boone dying boy was I a mess, in a lot of ways his was shocking as well because it came out of nowhere, it was like the poor guy was hardly given a chance.
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Libby's, hands-down.
Jin and Sun hands down. Jack's death seemed like it fit perfectly to me, his death made me feel satisfied. Jin and Sun's death did too but theirs showed more sacrifice
...and I can't get their underwater image out of my head!! It was so ... AH! crying
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Jin and Sun by far had the saddest death, i was on the phone crying with my friend for half an hour after they died crying

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