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i dont watch lost because i think that it is kinda stupid...
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Well Heres What The MIB is. It Is The soul of Jacobs brother after he fell into the "light." It Can take the form of any dead body on the island. The body has not to be buried. If it takes the form of a new body It cant change back into its old body. Got it?
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Some shadow demon creature, I think
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the problem with that is i watch everything on youtube and youtube is always deleting the videos and removing the sound. so i always end up missing a part of an episode which leaves me completely lost

Well... to really be able to enjoy it, you would of had to watch all of the episodes, to know what is going on. It gets pretty complicated so u cant miss an episode.

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I only watched the first episode of lost. i thought it was weird and decided not to watch the rest but every one is always talking about how great the show is. should I watch it?

just get it on netflix or watch it on hulu! wahmbulance dramallama

netflix is a good idea but i hate hulu

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