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Some people are meant to be!

Jack x Kate 0.10714285714286 10.7% [ 12 ]
Sawyer x Juliet 0.14285714285714 14.3% [ 16 ]
Jin x Sun 0.20535714285714 20.5% [ 23 ]
Charlie x Claire 0.28571428571429 28.6% [ 32 ]
Desmond x Penny 0.0625 6.2% [ 7 ]
Sayid x Shannon 0.053571428571429 5.4% [ 6 ]
Daniel x Charlotte 0.017857142857143 1.8% [ 2 ]
Richard x Isabella 0.071428571428571 7.1% [ 8 ]
Huryley x Libby 0.053571428571429 5.4% [ 6 ]
Total Votes:[ 112 ]
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I liked Sawyer and Kate first, like in the first couple of seasons, but then I just wanted Kate to die. >:C
Charlie's always been my favorite, though, so...I say he and Claire are the best couple.
Besides, it was really cute when Jack and Juliet were married in the last episode. They're better than Jack and Kate.
Definitely Jin & Sun. Their death was so tragic and sad because they were separated from each for so long. And to finally reunite briefly to die together.
Desmond x Penny. They really are meant to be together. I just loved the episode 'the constant' when desmond called penny after 8 years missing cry

Kate x Sawyer. I think they fit better.
Jack x Juliet. I really thought they would end up like this.

Sun x Jin. Just so beautifull heart When the series starts Sun doesn't love Jin and wanted to leave him and Jin was a mean husband. And at the end of the series they loved each other so much and Sun even came back to the island to look for Jin. They where inseperable. And then they died together. I think that's just beautiful and really touching heart cry
My favorite is Jack and Kate.
I think.
I have alot(:
But none of their relationships compare to Jin and suns(:
Ben and Sun is like, weird. I never even thought of that for a second.
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Hurley and Libby! So much so, that I don't actually HAVE any other pairings! heart
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I loved Claire and Charlie
Even though I love Sawyer I have to admit he looked so loved up when he met her again....
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Come with me and bless the night
Let the darkness be your salvation
Curse the day - escape the light
Break the chains of imagination

Charlie and Claire but with Juliet and Sawyer a close second

Come with me and seize the night
Nows the time for some inspiration
Leave the day and loose the light
No taboos only new sensations...

heart Jin & Sun heart

Sawyer/Juliet isn't bad, but I prefer Sawyer/Kate. I actually had a strange feeling back in season 3 that Sawyer/Juliet might get together.

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