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Did you cry at the end of the show last night?

Yes. Pass the kleenex 0.62962962962963 63.0% [ 85 ]
No way you sissy! 0.37037037037037 37.0% [ 50 ]
Total Votes:[ 135 ]
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I cried a lot.
First when everybody remembered the island I started to get teary, especially when Claire and Charlie remembered. sad
Then when Jack realised he's dead I got more teary.
When everybody was hugging and smiling in the church and Jack was slowly walking I started to cry. cry
And when Jack was dying and Vincent came laying next to him made me cry more and everything together made me cry the whole night till I fell asleep crying
The music was so beautiful too. My family was with me too, so I didn't wanted to cry, but with the church scene I couldn't take it anymore. My sis cried too.
My boyfriend loved it but i thought the ending wasn't great considering how long the series is confused
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I started to cry when jin and sun have their flash backs,when ben appologized to locke,and when theey were all reunited in the church.The flood gates really opened wide when christian explained to jack on how he died and when jack was at the bamboo paddy and vincet came and layed down next to him.once his eyes closed and "LOST" appeared i went straight to bed and wept some more. after a good 5 mins of sorrow, i fell asleep. Lost was..no,IS a fantastic show. those who say they hate have never watched it or have only watched one episode and it happened to be one of those WTF episodes. To love it you have to watch it from the begining to the end.

And its not silly to cry watching a show. Ive never cried in a show until "LOST". But i cry plenty in movies. Theres nothing wrong with it. Its a normal thing called "Human Emotion".
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I was bawling, especially when they were in the church. It hit me then that it was really all over. crying
omg i cried sooooooooo hard............. not.... i love kitties mrgreen rofl mrgreen rofl mrgreen
crying I cried toooooo wat happened agaaaaaaaaaainnnnn!!!!!
I will admit it, this is the ONLY show ever to have been able to make me cry...lol. First back when Boone died and then in the final, I thought it was a beautiful way to end it.
Still crying tbh
the ********.
only babies cry.
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I cried when the dog came out and sat next to jack and when jack smiled at started to die.
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I cryed because I was understanding that the show was going to end in the same spot it started with Jack's eye closing .
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I would've cried if I hadn't been so angry at the cope out ending.
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Dudes, I Cryed Because The Show Is Over xD
Glad to see I wasn't the only one crying! razz

The main parts I cried at were when Jin & Sun remembered, when Locke remembered & asked Jack if he remembered, the whole church scene, & Jack's death scene. crying

I would've cried more like crying but since I was watching w/ my family, I kept my crying to this cry .
User ImageI cried like a baby when clarie and charlie remebered each other I also cried when I realized vincent is on the island all by himself now crying !

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