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Did you cry at the end of the show last night?

Yes. Pass the kleenex 0.62962962962963 63.0% [ 85 ]
No way you sissy! 0.37037037037037 37.0% [ 50 ]
Total Votes:[ 135 ]
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i hope they make a movie
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I cried like a little b***h. I was just so touched by them all meeting up at the church again. They way they smiled and hugged each other really moved me. Was anyone else as touched as I was by the ending? heart
jgfjgfvj oops
i didnt watch it but if i would of i would of went right to bed, im not sensitive to tv shows.
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Once it started talking about how jack died I started to tear up and then my moms husband was baling, but then I had to go to bed after wards so I stayed in bed awake for like half an hour crying
I cried at the Charlie/Claire reunion, and then when Ben was apologizing to Locke, and when Hurley asked Ben for help. ;0;<3

Then at the end, of course.
ohhhh emmmm geee. i cried like an infant. it was so beautiful. the way jacks eyes closed at the end with the touching music and the soft but comforting "lost". im like getting tears in my eyes just remembering it.
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I was holding back the tears and sobs at the final half hour. I was too embarrassed to start crying infront of my family xp
But if I could have I would have bawled like a baby crying

I would've bawwwwwled as well.

And me too....
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I totally cried. D': And I cry on RARE occasions. Then again I was alone. o_o
I was watching it with a friend so I didn't straight out bawl, but I teared up. I think if I had been watching it alone I would've sobbed. XD
I cried like a little girl... it was so moving and emotional. crying

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