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Should "The Hobbit" be made into a movie?

Yes, yes, yes 0.78038507821901 78.0% [ 1297 ]
Don't really care 0.15102286401925 15.1% [ 251 ]
No way 0.068592057761733 6.9% [ 114 ]
Total Votes:[ 1662 ]
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@ Myself_only42: you wrote that gimli said "have you learned nothing of the stubborness of dwarves" it was actually legolas who says this smile
Arashi F.
Who say's "Go at home!"
Who said:
I feel something... A slight tingling in my fingers...I THINK IT'S AFFECTING ME!!!!! xp
legolas during the drinking game in the ee of rotk smile

who said "it was a gift; keep it"

"I should very much like to hold it."
Syrrie's avatar

Sparkly Junior

Bilbo, about the Ring.

"Be silent! Keep your forked tongue behind your teeth. I have not passed through fire and death to bandy crooked words with a witless worm."
Gandalf to Wormtongue.

"I can't carry it for you, but I can carry you!"
Gandalf to Wormtongue.

"I can't carry it for you, but I can carry you!"

Oh, I get it! Don't be hasty! (My cousins and I love that one.)
Isn't that Pippin?
Isn't that Pippin?
its its Frodo! heart blaugh
Ok my turn!

"Instead of a Dark Lord, you shall have a queen!"
Galadriel to Frodo.

'The light of the Evenstar does not wax and wane. It is mine to give to whom I will'
Arwen, obviously, but does she say that all at the same time?

"Perhaps you have come to tell me why my son is dead."
Denethor in the Return of the King.

"I believe I have found a woman more fair than the Lady Galadriel."
*thinks hard* was that eomer?
*thinks hard* was that eomer?
I don't think so, he never met Galadriel.. did he?

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