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So, who is it?

Frodo 0.15384615384615 15.4% [ 32 ]
Samwise 0.24519230769231 24.5% [ 51 ]
Meriadoc 0.15384615384615 15.4% [ 32 ]
Peregrin 0.27403846153846 27.4% [ 57 ]
Bilbo 0.076923076923077 7.7% [ 16 ]
Smeagol 0.043269230769231 4.3% [ 9 ]
Other 0.052884615384615 5.3% [ 11 ]
Total Votes:[ 208 ]
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I love Pippin ♥ And I love smeagol. biggrin ♥ I like Gollum wink
I like Sam best. He is very strong in spirit,and couragous. He carried the ring after the spider attacted Frodo until he saved Frodo from the goblems or orcs. He then gave the ring back to Frodo.
Technically Smeagol isn't a hobbit. He was one of the river-folk which are described as being "very much like hobbits". (cough) Sorry. Couldn't help meself.

I like the four all together, really.
At the end of Return of the King when Aragorn tells them they bow to no one? I cry every time.
I find I just can't like Frodo. I think Samwise was a real hero.
PIPPIN IS THE BEST HOBBIT! END OF STORY mrgreen ninja talk2hand cry razz mad sad scream
Sam is the best! He is the one that does all the work.
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Samwise is my favorite Hobbit. He is really kind and loyal.
I think Merry has to be my favorite hobbit, he's a goof like Pippin, but he's also very brave and wants nothing more than to help his friends in anyway that he can.

Although Sam has my favorite song in the books.
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I like Frodo he is soooooo cute
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I didn't have a favorite Hobbit until Return of the King where Pippin sings, I instantly fell in love. 4laugh

Originally it was Sam, because he was there faithfully through everything Frodo went through. I agree that Pippin/Billy's voice is lovely, but for sheer courage and tenacity my vote goes to Merry, the Rider of Rohan!

I agree with all of your opinions! Sam's my favorite, for droppin' no eaves.
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Peregrin Took ~ whee
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it is de real hero SAMWISE,
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I used to only love the elves but as I got older I started to appreciate the hobbits a lot more.

Merry's definitely my favourite though smile He's so young and fun and "innocent" at the start but then in TTT he goes through this major character development and it's just amazing. I love how he pushes Treebeard and the Ents to help and it's just awesome =P

Plus Dom Monaghan in the films is totally awesome biggrin
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Samwise is my favorite, he stayed loyal to Frodo despite all the shitstorms ring-posessed Frodo threw at him.

I feel really sad for Frodo Baggins though. Poor thing was unaware to his ring getting the best of him. And Smeagol's split personality. Oddly, in my opinion, he acted more like a Man than a Hobbit.

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