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Honeysuckle Trample of Woody End... I like Natulcien Yavetil better- it sounds more magical.
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Sweetpea Bunce of Brockenborings

I really don't like this name! Why couldn't I be something else?!?!?!?!?
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eek Tigerlily Boffin of Whitfurrows
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I did one a while back and got Rosie-Posey Gamgee-Took...
Pearl Dogwood of Shadydowns
So fun! >w<
Berilac Boffin of Whitfurrows. 4laugh
Lila Bramble of Willowbottom
Ivy Bulge of Great Smials

Hobbit name: Prisca Moss of Lake-By-Downs
Elf name: Alassë Nólatári

hahaha. i like both of mine.
Hobbit Name Generator - Gorbulas Brandybuck of Buckland
My Precious - Rebo Gammidge, Ring-finder
The Barrow-Downs - Carl from The Far Downs
Ruby Proudneck of Longbottom

Mungo Peatfingers of Brockenborings. Scary. I dont not like. Dont think ill be becoming a hobbit anytime soon. Jeesh.
Ruby Moss of Lake-by-Downs.

I like mine. <3
Todo Loamsdown of Great Smials. SMIALS?! SMILES?! mrgreen
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    Dimple Sandybanks

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