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Which Race Would You Be?

Hobbit 0.16279069767442 16.3% [ 294 ]
Elve 0.56589147286822 56.6% [ 1022 ]
Human 0.10686600221484 10.7% [ 193 ]
Dwarf 0.058693244739756 5.9% [ 106 ]
River Folk 0.027131782945736 2.7% [ 49 ]
Other 0.078626799557032 7.9% [ 142 ]
Total Votes:[ 1806 ]
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i'd want to be (and i am) a human. a ranger especially
I would want to be an Elf =] they're just so mystical and intriguing.
I'd totally be one of the Rohirrim. Bahahaha. I mean you get to ride around on a horse and be all badass warrior and stuff. How cool would that be?! Either that or a ranger would be cool.
blaugh Hobbit, idk why though, maybe cause they smoke alot of grass wink wink
i would be an elf because they are fast User Image
I would make a good hobbit mostly because they eat and sleep a lot and unfortunately i already have very hairy feet.
I wanna be an elf!!
Elves Ruls rofl
Lord of the rings was good but the Shannara series is a much better read
Apparently, I would be one of the Haradrim. rolleyes
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I would be an elf because i like one of thm. also they are very cool
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elf because i'm a big fan of legolas and think its so cool that they're able to walk quickly and swiftly and are able to walk on top of snow.
Lord of the rings was good but the Shannara series is a much better read

Hmmm.... I have sadly never heard of that series.
I shall have to read them sometime!^^

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