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Which Race Would You Be?

Hobbit 0.16258351893096 16.3% [ 292 ]
Elve 0.56570155902004 56.6% [ 1016 ]
Human 0.10690423162584 10.7% [ 192 ]
Dwarf 0.058463251670379 5.8% [ 105 ]
River Folk 0.02728285077951 2.7% [ 49 ]
Other 0.079064587973274 7.9% [ 142 ]
Total Votes:[ 1796 ]
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I am Fig's avatar

Bashful Fairy

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I would be a hobbit.

Seriously, I may be 5 feet 6 inches, but I do run around with now shoes, and I would make a rather nice one. However, I would rather not eat six meals a day. 3nodding
I would want to be an Elf, very mystical and intriguing.
ChildOfLothlorien's avatar

Distinct Dabbler

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  • Entrepreneur 150
It amuses me just how many morepeople would want to be Elves than anything else.
I myself would be one of the River folk, i enjoy a quiet life 3nodding
WyntersFrost's avatar

High-functioning Detective

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  • Battle: Mage 100
  • Treasure Hunter 100
Elf, because they're so mysterious and have pretty good eyesight which I think would be awesome to have.
Dr Watson MD's avatar

Wheezing Explorer

I would want to be an elf so I could be immortal and never be cold and walk on snow. My second choice would be a dwarf because they are bad a**.
Miztea's avatar


I would be an Ent
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Desirable Businessman

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a dwarf. If my name doesn't already give it away dwarves are my favorite mythical race.
chewbacka5's avatar

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  • Trader 100
I'd be an orc. Even though they're evil and stuff, they're so coooooooooooool. twisted
I would obviously be part of the Elven race, probably of Telerin descent.

In ancient times the Teleri referred to themselves as Lindar, or "Singers", because they were known for their fair voices.The Teleri are more slender and perhaps slightly shorter on average than the Noldor and Vanyar.
Physically they are similar to the Noldor; they are tall and strong and have mostly dark hair and grey/brown eyes, but their royal family and perhaps some other individuals had silver hair.They are most likely, like all Elves, of pale complexion.

I find this the best match for myself as my voice is fair and my greatest talent lies within music and song. I'm also pale, tall and my eyes are a mixture of green, grey and blue.
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totally didnt expect the elves to have the huge majority...nope, not at all
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Blessed Werewolf

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  • Perfect Attendance 400
I would probably want to be a Dwarf, because they are good at making things, and their past is just so heartbreaking. At least the ones from the Lonely Mountain.
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Shy Kitten

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  • Forum Sophomore 300
Elf, I dare you to name a better race!
allyohpe's avatar


I'd be a hobbit for two reasons.
1. No shoes
2. Their houses are the cutest things ever (◡‿◡✿)
Little Red Otter's avatar

Liberal Cutie-Pie

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The lifestyle of an elve but constantly dating little hobbits. whee

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