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Which Race Would You Be?

Hobbit 0.16211699164345 16.2% [ 291 ]
Elve 0.56601671309192 56.6% [ 1016 ]
Human 0.10696378830084 10.7% [ 192 ]
Dwarf 0.058495821727019 5.8% [ 105 ]
River Folk 0.027298050139276 2.7% [ 49 ]
Other 0.079108635097493 7.9% [ 142 ]
Total Votes:[ 1795 ]
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I want to be a elf.....not die from old age, live in the tree, and have everyone had long beautiful hair. Seriously, there wasnt a single ugly elf in the movies, but there were plenty of ugly humans. hahaha!
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I would definitely like being a Hobbit! whee
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Beloved Gekko

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I would totally be an elf biggrin
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I'd be a human. Hopefully not Boromir-style but more movie-Aragorn style.

Can't be an Elf since I lost my selflessness when I realized no one will protect me but myself and anyone else will turn on me for their own advantages, so I had no intention left to help a society which will bring me down the minute it gets the chance and it's profitable.

Can't be a dwarf since I'm not athletic or proud.

Can't be a hobbit since I don't fit the simple life.
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Friendly Lunatic

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Anyone who says "elf" - are you really a beautiful, noble and selfless person? Are you a wide-eyed idealist? Are you ready to give your life to save as many people as you can?

Didn't think so.
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A vala part of the valar could be fun. But, I would probably be a hobbit.
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Dapper Lunatic

All that is gold does not glitter,

I would probably be a hobbit or an elf, though I think I lean more toward elf.

Not all those who wander are lost.
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I would totally be a maiar razz
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I'm short, have curly hair, and I love to eat. Is there any way I'd be anything other than a hobbit?
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I would want to be Elf.
xD legolas is awesomeee
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I would love to be an Elf, no doubt. I'm already a Hobbit - due to my height haha, I'm pretty short. So being an Elf would be great C:
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Dangerous Loiterer

I must be the only person not to understand the obsession with Elves. I don't get why everybody
wants to be one. Elves outnumber all other races 4:1 at least.

I want to be one of the Uruk-hai — especially a Berserker. I think Uruk-hai aren't ugly at all: they
have brilliant faces and awesome slitted nostrils, and are just the epitome of warriors. Their hair
and their cheekbones and their fangs and their roars... they're great.


If there was plastic surgery that could make you look and sound exactly like an Uruk, I would
have it in a heartbeat. I ******** want to look like that and run around eating MANFLESH.

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