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Which Race Would You Be?

Hobbit 0.16279069767442 16.3% [ 294 ]
Elve 0.56589147286822 56.6% [ 1022 ]
Human 0.10686600221484 10.7% [ 193 ]
Dwarf 0.058693244739756 5.9% [ 106 ]
River Folk 0.027131782945736 2.7% [ 49 ]
Other 0.078626799557032 7.9% [ 142 ]
Total Votes:[ 1806 ]
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Scurvy Genius

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I like the idea of being an elf. Not sure where. Maybe mirkwood?
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Scurvy Genius

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Or maybe in lothlorien....It seems nice there
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Unbeatable Lunatic

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for some reason i feel like i would still be a human...though i absolutely love elves since they're freaking awesome in any way it's possible to be awesome 3nodding
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Probably an elf
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Either a hobbit or an Ent
I'd have to say Elf just cause of heightened senses, better reaction time, etc. The way they move in the books in crazy haha biggrin
I'd love to be an elf. They're so fascinating.
Sevhyr's avatar

Dapper Phantom

Men - Wizard. User Image
Call me a crazy...

But I'd be a Warg. Yes, I know they're animals but they can interestingly enough form organized 'Clans'. The LoTR universe shows several examples of these fiendish wolf-beasts as having their own language (speaking to eachother in growls and snarls) and even having Warg 'Chieftains'.

So, hell yeah, I'd be a Warg! A hulking killing machine of fur and teeth! Rawrrrr!!
Elf definitely hands down. they are awesome!!!!!!
razz i'll vote for human,,,, co'Z humans got freedom to do their thing,, Blessed by God and He called those who believed in Him HIs own..
As it is IRL, I would definitely be a dwarf. I'm stout and short (but not short enough to be a hobbit), I'm constantly developing stubble on my chin (grrr genetics, at least they aren't visible) and if you look at me from the rear my gender isn't immediately obvious.

I would have liked to be more elvish. Their grace and beauty are legendary. I don't think I could bear such longevity, though. Maybe half-elvish then?
And Elf, and not trying to go with majority. But they are tall, strong, graceful, and beautiful. Also I love Elven ears. And immortality doesn't hurt either.
HUMAN, of course since Elves can't use Magic as they wish unlike Dark Elves but there are none in this movie..
I'd say Elf. smile

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