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I don't know how many other people here miss this particular game, so I'm just going to start a new thread reviving it. I extended it from simply LotR characters because frankly, I can't live with those restrictions. xd

All you do is post and say what Tolkien/LotR (which ever you prefer) character the avatar above you looks like. Which means that the first responder posts about me (mind the Elf ears, thank you very much wink ).

Be as creative as you'd like!
Gandalf the Grey and Melkor mix. But with Gandalf having really short, groovy hair. XD

Edit: and a kitty.
Some sort of evil Maia.. that likes kitties.
A hobbit that got too drunk on St. Patty's day.
Gondorian prostitute. xd
A haradrim who partied a little too much, lost her pants and wandered into Gondor where she bought toe socks?

EDIT: Damnit Thaxul, you beat me to it...okay. An undercover Elf
Slacktopian's avatar

Girl-Crazy Smoker

An elf that narrowly escaped an encounter with Shelob, but not before her upper body was covered with webbing.
A general for Morgoth's armies, who is borrowing a whip of flame from a Balrog friend.
Aw, I was going to say Morgoth's wet dream. Oh well. Thaxul...an orc who is trying too hard to blend into the scenery
frodo in his clothes he wore the whole journey and then got gifts from the peoples of middle earth smile
An elf woman who got lost trying to go to the gap of Rohan, and ended up at the Gap instead!
a hobbit who mistakingly shoved two bun-like pastries onto her head eek
Slacktopian's avatar

Girl-Crazy Smoker

An elf who was caught kin-slaying by her mommy and given a time-out in the corner.
Melnarie Tindomiel
a hobbit who mistakingly shoved two bun-like pastries onto her head

A baby Balrog-in-training being reprimanded with the dreaded go-sit-in-the-corner punishment...? Sorry. I'm not very good at this. sweatdrop

Edit: Nevermind, Nienna already beat me to it. XD
Perhaps a Rohirrim maiden who went insane and wore pink...can't be too common...

EDIT: Didn't read the rules before!

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