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Another one:

GIMLI: Most have seen too many winters.
ARAGORN: Come now Gimli. Save your sick games for later.
GIMLI: What?
GANDALF: (appearing out of nowhere with Pippin and Merry) That's just wrong.
PIPPIN: Sickening.
MERRY: You do that?
GIMLI: I don't get it.
LEGOLAS: (kneeling next to Pippin) That's why we wouldn't let you sleep within twenty feet of him.
PIPPIN: I understand that now.
MERRY: (hugging Pippin) You poor dear.
GANDALF: I thought we had worked through this Gimli?
GIMLI: What the bloody hell are you talking about?
ARAGORN: Don't act stupid.
GANDALF: More counseling is needed.
LEGOLAS: Several hours.
ARAGORN: With the cushy chairs in the room...
(All stare at Aragorn)
ARAGORN: What? I haven't slept on anything but the ground, nor sat on anything but a horse in the longest time. When it comes to wishing to be home, in some comfy place-
PIPPIN: You think of a psychiatrics office?
ARAGORN: NO! I think of cushy chairs.
GANDALF: Cushy... chairs... I... um... I'm leaving again... Look to the east, blah blah blah...
PIPPIN: Merry and I are going to get recaptured and all that good stuff now.
MERRY: We've already been saved by Treebeard, remember?
PIPPIN: Shhh! Aragorn's not supposed to know we're safe yet!
Sam : I HATE FRODO! Eeek! i said Frodo oh uhm sorry Mr.Frodo I HATE YOU MR.FRODO

Frodo : Sam? are you ok?

Sam : Who am i kiddin i dont hate you its just that Gollum said he liked me but only if i said i hated you.......

Frodo : Uhm i think ill go over there a bit.......
Gollum: Oh wow, now I'm officially freaked out....

Legolas: I HATE archery!
Aragorn: I HATE Arwen!
Arwen: Aragorn...remind me to kick your a** later on....
Legolas: Yay! You're no longer together! Can I have her?

Gimli: Elves rock! I think I'll become one of them!

Merry: Wanna join me for lunch, Pippin?
Pippin: I think I'd rather be kidnapped by orcs than have second lunch....

Gandalf: The Lone Wizard and his flunky are going to go beat up some Urak-Hai. (dunno if I spelled it right) Wanna come join us?
Boromir: For the last time, I am NOT your damn flunky!
Frodo: I wanna be Gandalf's flunky.....
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Gandalf: WHOA! This thread is awesome! wink
I'm loving this thread... Obviously, right?

Another one:

Galadriel: The power of the enemy is growing. Sauron will use his puppet Saruman to destroy the people of Rohan. Isengard has been unleashed. The Eye of Sauron now turns to Gondor, the last free kingdom of men. His war on this country will come swiftly. He senses the Ring is close. The strength of the Ringbearer is-
Gandalf: Blah blah blah... we know this part... You're taking up valuable Gandalf time!
Aragorn: This is a very important moment here. You'd think YOU would respect that...
Pippin: He's been smoking too much.
Merry: But, that wouldn't be any problem unless he was smoking... Oh my gosh!
Gimli: I thought I was missing something.
Legolas: That was your weed?
Gimli: Medicinal purposes only... Honest to goodness.
Gandalf: Hehehe, Yeah yeah yeah. Honest to Jeebus.
Aragorn: Wow, umm, well... That was definitely NOT a weed you'd find in the Houses of Healing...
Pippin: Hey, you can't find Athelas in the Houses. What makes you think you can even find aloe vera?
Aragorn: True, true...
Merry: But, I want some too!
Gimli: All out.
Merry: How?
Gandalf: (pulls out his pipe) Elementary my dear stupid fellow.
Pippin: Hmm, I think Gandalf needs a little time alone in... The Box. (picks up a piece of chalk and draws a box on the ground around Gandalf's feet) Fifteen minutes young man!
(They leave Gandalf alone)
Gandalf: Not the box! No... I, uh... I'll be good! Yeah! Umm, This old man, he played one. He played knick knack on my drum...
Merry: Do you think that was a little harsh, Pip? You know how he gets in... The Box...
Pippin: (pats Merry's arm) It was for the best, Merry. For the best.
Legolas: Let's go eat!
Aragorn: *Looks down at the sword in his hands* Now what am i suppose to do with this? *sword reflects light* OOOHHHH....pwetty!! *aragorn drools*
So -he's- not in LotR perse, but his stuff is soo..

Celebrimbor: Ring making? Oh HELL no. That stuff is for sissies.

(and so the Three, the Seven and the Nine were never made and there were no Nazgul whee )
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frodo: gandalf are you ever gonna get married?
gandalf:why frodo?
frodo: because arwen secretly likes you.
legolas:are you serious frodo? you told me arwen wanted to be with gimli.
frodo: sweatdrop that was last week. so why dont you go find smeagle and make his a** take us to mordor.
sam: ohh.. frodo said a**!
aragorn wakes uparagorn: some one say something about arwen?
Aragorn: I'm sorry Arwen, it's just that, well, Eyowen is blond!
another one:
Ringwraith: Like Frodo my dawg my homie hobbit, Sauron says to me he wants his bling bling back.
I just have one. And it is by far the best.


Melkor: LOL biggrin
I just have one. And it is by far the best.


Melkor: LOL biggrin

That. Is. Brilliance.
xd !

Thank you.

I really don't have any out of character things to post, but I am amused by some of these ideas.

On a similar note, Nandelle was introducing me to some funny songs today. There was one about a guy who was so into fishing that his wife told him to chose between her and the fish, and of course he chose the fish. xd
But, when I heard that song, I thought of Aldarion and Erendis.
Anyways, I thought it would be fun to take popular songs that seem to fit the personality of Tolkien characters, and stuff...too bad I'm bad at animations.
I have one more :

Aragorn : Shi....
Gandalf : NO SWEARING!!!!!!!
Pippin : like YOU care...
Legolas : uhm why the hell did you even think of saying that Aragorn?
Aragorn : Well i hit my foot on that orc armour or somthin.... Hey wait a sec........YOU TWO ARENT EVEN IN THIS PART!
Gandalf : Okay okay ill leave now......calm down Sheesh..
Pippin : Well i have to find Merry again now smell yall later folks...
Gandalf and Pippin leaves
Legolas : .......
Gimli : I have been in the bathroom....have i misted somthin?

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