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We had this thread once before, and people seemed to have fun with it, so I thought it might be a good time to play it some more.

The description and rules are swiped from Entmoot, and the wonderful SGH.

Sister Golden Hair

Basically, you take a quote and remove every second letter, and put a slash between words. Whoever identifies the last element, be it quote, speaker, or both posts the next one.

example: A_l/_h_t/_s/_o_d/_o_s/_o_/g_i_t_r

answer: All that is gold does not glitter, Gandalf's letter (or Bilbo Baggins)

Anything from The Hobbit, LOTR, the Silmarillion, or Unfinished Tales is fair game.

Suggestions for posting:
Some gamers find this method best, fastest, easiest and most accurate. When you've found your quote, type it all in without blanks, simply using the '/' instead of a space, as well as before and after each punctuation mark. Just after a punctuation mark can be a convenient place for a carriage return, if the spacing looks good. After typing, check for spelling and to see that all the words are correct. Then go through and replace every other letter with an underscore '_' - this goes quickly if you use the 'forward arrow' key to advance, use the 'delete' key and then add the underscore where the letter was.

Oh - and we try our best to solve the quotes without looking them up.

Even if you have no clue what the quote might be, try to guess a few words of it. You can win by just filling in the very last piece of information that was missing. I'm saying this to encourage more people to play, even if they haven't read all that much Tolkien.

I'll start off the game:

"I_/ A_a_/ w_/ h_v_/ c_m_/ t_r_u_h/ _l_s_/ t_/ w_e/./ _h_/ o_h_r/ _e/ _i_l/ _o_/ t_y/:/ _h_o_g_/ s_r_o_/ t_/ f_n_/ j_y/;/ _r/ _r_e_o_/ a_/ t_e/ _e_s_/./"
"In Aman we have come through bliss to woe. The other we will now try: Through sorrow to find joy; or freedom at the least."

Feanor. You weren't lying when you said it was easy. xp

Of course, I have several corrections to make: "blith", "thorrow", "leatht". 3nodding
Well done, Nandelle. Post the next quote. whee

I really didn't feel like getting bogged down on the first quote, so meh.

Feanor talkth funny.
Oh! I forgot about this! I loved this thread. I was sad when the last one died.
My sleep is interrupted. crying

Short one...

/"/T_e / _o_m / _i_s / _n / _o_r_e_f /,/ _o_ / i_ / y_u_ / n_m_./"/
"The doom lies on yourself, not in your name."

Gwindor to Turin?

Your turn again. biggrin
/"/T_e/ _a_/ h_s/ _o_e/!/ _e_o_d/,/ _e_p_e/ _f/ _h_/ E_d_r/ _n_/ F_t_e_s/ _f/ _e_/,/ t_e/ _a_/ h_s/ _o_e/!/"/
/"/T_h/ _a_/ h_s/ _o_e/!/ _e_o_d/,/ _e_p_e/ _f/ _h_/ E_d_r/ _n_/ F_t_e_s/ _f/ _e_/,/ t_e/ _a_/ h_s/ _o_e/!/"/

The day has come! Behold, people the Eldar and Fathers of Men, the day has come!

(As my mule says in his quote... xd )
Hence, it was for you. Do the next quote, and make it something not from the Silm.

'Utúlie'n aurë! Aiya Eldalië ar Atanatári, utúlie'n aurë!'

Cause I was bored, and felt like typing pretty stuff.
Ok, since Lindy is slow in putting up a new quote, I will post one.

"I/ _a_/ s_e/ _o_h_n_/ a_a_/ n_r_h/ _r/ _e_t/ _u_/ g_a_s/ _w_n_l_n_/ i_t_/ m_s_/./ C_u_d/ _e/ _e_/ t_e/ _o_e_t/,/ _f/ _e/ _l_m_e_/ t_e/ _i_l_/?/"
Ok, since Lindy is slow in putting up a new quote, I will post one.

"I/ _a_/ s_e/ _o_h_n_/ a_a_/ n_r_h/ _r/ _e_t/ _u_/ g_a_s/ _w_n_l_n_/ i_t_/ m_s_/./ C_u_d/ _e/ _e_/ t_e/ _o_e_t/,/ _f/ _e/ _l_m_e_/ t_e/ _i_l_/?/"
'I can see nothing away north or west but grass dwindling into mist. Could we see the forest, if we climbed the hills?"

That was by Gimli while he was chasing the Orcs, along with Aragorn and Legolas, that had captured Pippin and Merry.

Here's one:

"S_e/,/ _a_f/ _r_t_e_/!/ _h_s/ _s/ _h_r_e_/ t_a_/ t_y/ _o_g_e/./ _r_/ b_t/ _n_e/ _o_e/ _o/ _s_r_/ m_/ p_a_e/ _n_/ t_e/ _o_e/ _f/ _y/ _a_h_r/,/ _n_/ m_y_e/ _t/ _i_l/ _i_/ t_e/ _o_d_r/ _f/ _n_/ w_o/ _e_k_/ t_/ b_/ t_e/ _a_t_r/ _f/ _h_a_l_/./"
"See, half brother! This is sharper than thy tongue. Try but once more to usurp my place and the love of my father, and maybe it will rid the Noldor of one who seeks to be the master of thralls."

Feanor to Fingolfin.

...wait a minute. I don't want to go next. razz

*slithers away to write a paper*

...wait a minute. I don't want to go next. razz

*slithers away to write a paper*

No! internet is more important than work! You could just tell someone to post a new one for you.

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