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First up, Pixel art. If anyone's familiar with the Palace chat software, I drew this in that, pixel by pixel. In the end, the mushroom flashed different colors, lol. It's kinda hard to see, but oh well :X

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This next one was when I just started trying out how to draw with a mouse, so it sucks, plus it was a spur of the moment quicky drawing and I was in an odd mood:


Last one is Me and my friends as our RP characters, and Merry and Pippin are in it too...and no, TB is not doing what you think she's doing to that N! scream

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Most of my decent LOTR fanart is here:
The Phoenix Art Guild

[[I'd appreciate it if anyone would let me know if someone is stealing my art or claiming it as their own. I'll be very grateful.]]

Don't ask me to post my crappy ones. They're the extreme of crappy. xp
*sigh* i wish i read more fanfiction (i care but im also in for the money)i put i care
Damn all of you and your amazing drawing talents...

Meaning what?
Elvish for post..
Aiquen quet Eldarin?
Gussumaru Kenji
AWSOME, *dances* people are posting, by the way please don't bump
heres some ms paint art *sighs* one day my scanner will work until then enjoy
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print "the might of Elrond lay in wisdom not weapons"
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Halidir: I don't wanna die at Helms Deep
Celeborn: one line, one frikin line
Glorfindel: why the .... did you let Arwen steal my horse
Elladan &Elrohir: wadda you mean we are not in the movie!!!
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*Dies laughing* I love those!

Lmfao, that's brilliant. Yeah and it did suck they let Arwen steal Glorfindel's part. And they didn't put the twins in the movie? scream scream Damn Peter Jackson///
thank you ...thafn, people
Oh they're all so wonderful!!!!!!! I wish I could post mine, but I still don't have a scanner.... crying
Oh they're all so wonderful!!!!!!! I wish I could post mine, but I still don't have a scanner.... crying

its cool, comments are wanted to here.
stressed Ack! I got my "Elf & hobbit" picture (I drew it for my column in the school paper) from the school computer, but it won't paste onto gaia! crying Why? *sniff*
I'm feeling inspired to draw ---> not good o.O

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