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The trailer brought tears to my eyes the scenery and everything just looked so beautiful.
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I'm amazed they put such a full trailer out like that so fast ... they barely stopped filming and suddenly there's a full-blown trailer with glimpses of special effects like the trolls ... usually they start with teasers don't they?
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December 14!!!! AHHH!!! I'm not sure I'll survive that long to see it! burning_eyes
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I honestly hope that Peter Jackson doesn't mess at all with what actually happens in the books like some parts of the LoTR movies. And I hate that they had to make it into two parts! I know it would be a super long movie but who cares? It makes the wait for both parts soo lonng. sweatdrop
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Had to update the YouTube link as the official trailer on the studios YouTube page has been set to private.

I can't wait for this movie. I read the book like a thousand times! *nerdgasm*
Oh dear god I let out a fangirly screech heard from miles away when i saw the trailer at a movie theater. Bad thing about the screech, there were alot of people in the theater and i was easy to spot. ( 5 ft tall red haired teenage female wearing a crapload of glow in the dark stuff and a Halo t shirt)
omg! trailer is epic! i just can't wait for it! i'm jumping up and down like a 3 year old in utter anticipation!!! biggrin
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Wow , The trailer makes it look good so far. Im very interested to see this, as Peter Jackson did a good job with the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

I hope they don’t plan to take anything too important out of the movie like they did to Tom Bombadil in the lord of the Rings movie.
I remember when I first saw this.

I screamed and jumped out of my chair and had this fit of retarded/hysterical glee.

Just watched it again with my little brother (also a fan). Neither of us breathed throughout it, and we were both freaking out and flailing while happily rambleshouting about how awesome it will be.

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I'm reading the book again. Was my favorite growing up, I'm so happy the movie is coming! Maybe one day the story of gandalf and how he came to be a wizard will be made into a movie too...the books make constant refferences to his adventures of younger years. Yaaay!
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December can't get here fast enough...that is all.

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why can't it come out NO~OW????T.T
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I cant wait im totally gunna see this in theatre when its out !!!!! heart heart heart heart heart heart heart altho its gunna be a killer watin for dec to come so that we can watch it want it out now

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