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I'm shy too, so I know alll about hiding. wink
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*gets a dry expression* But I have had more experience than you...

(And as I have said, I am not. XP)
Nooo!!! Legolas! Come back!!! gonk

*tries to find a horse to follow*

XD I'm vastly amused that you took my advice, my Lord Thranduil. 3nodding

I'm asking in advance, so I can have plenty of time to buy whatever items I may need by the time I'm ready to change my avvie again. Got any suggestions for an outfit for me? xd
@ Aravilui: Wanna bet? stare

( Isn't it weird how things turn out that way? I've become insanely un-shy on the internet over the past year, and yet in real life, I get panic attacks if someone looks at me the wrong way. xp )
I can relate fairly well, Nimmy. I'm horribly shy in RL. Not so much on the internet. XD It's easier for me to convey myself through typing than it is verbally.
*Nods.* I get paranoid that people can read my mind or something.. It's weird. My mother can't understand how I can have close relationships with people I've never met. xd

I find it amusing that my most difficult mule for me to use is Tariel, the one the most like me. Shy and forgetful. xd


The PotO Overture just totally freaked me out. o.o
My mom can't understand it either! blaugh I have made such good friends online, it's incredible. ^^

I only have one mule so far. ninja It's a bit hard getting into character for her. . .

blaugh The PotO Oveture can do that, particularly when you aren't expecting it. I know it's scared me before. Especially when it's dead quite in the house. XD
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My mom gets it, my close friends online are her friends too. XP Ah the fun of having two computers. *pets laptop possessively*
*wants a laptop too gonk *

I spend more time online than anyone else in my family, so I'm the only one who really has a social life on the computer, I guess is the best way to put it. xd
I completely forgot what I was going to say. O.o

*Curls up on the floor, falling asleep.*
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Beloved Hunter

*pats Nimmy on the head* Sleep well, milady.
Goodnight, Lady Nimrodel. Alantie bids you goodnight as well.

*looks around* It would seem it is just you and me, Ara.
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Me? My lady? ^^;
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I choose this point in time to recognize the fact that this thread has nothing to do with the thread title. *impressed*

Nevertheless, as it would be insulting to kill something so young without giving it the time to discover other ways of getting itself killed, which, presumably, around Thrandy, will not be a problem, I shall endeavor to make as though I had never been here. * therefore attempts to inhabit a fuzzy sock due to lack of body*

It can't be helped, we're all from casual topic threads...mostly from the Lair.

If Closet is still open, I would like some fashion advice. I've been thinking of changing my image. Not sure what to though.
The Lair is kinda the most casual place.. Ever. xd

Where else can people wander around half dressed, randomly murder people, be raised, go to outside space, and have a tea party.. All at once?

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