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I love to stay up late to read. Lord of the Rings was no exception. When I was reading the part with Shelob, I glanced to the next page and saw a huge spider crawling across it! Books make good weapons against spiders razz
Staying up late and reading... I've been doing that since I was 4 :') <333 ... *feels old*

ANDANDAND THAT... would have freaked me out. I'm not like, scared of spiders (a friend and I actually have an idea for a really funny story about spiders...), but reading about friggin' Shelob and then seeing a live spider would totally set me on edge. I'd be watching the cielings and walls for giant spiders non-stop XD
I almost shrieked, except my sister was asleep in the next bed. So I had to suck it up and... go get my dad sweatdrop
ewewewewew. I would have shrieked anyway. D':
Shelob was the one thing that bothered me about LOTR. I have a massive fear of the little monstrosities, so having a large one in the book disturbed me.
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Shelob's a pussycat compared to Ungoliant. Now THAT'S a spider...
I can sit through monster movies and I'm fine. But stick a spider(or snake) in a movie, and THEN it's scary >.<
Looking forward to see what they do with the spiders of Murkwood. Smaller than Shelob the great, of course, but far, far more of them.

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