Rules & Guidelines: Lord of the Rings

Last Updated: 8/10/07

Welcome to the Lord of the Rings subforum! This is the place on Gaia for discussing everything about Tolkien. Yes, this includes both the books and the movies. It also includes all other works by Tolkien like The Hobbit and The Silmarillion.

Make sure you read and are familiar with the Terms of Service and Rules & Guidelines of Gaia. These are very important to your stay on Gaia. wink

And now, the Forum Rules and Guidelines:

  • Please be aware of the other Entertainment subforums that we have. If you wish to discuss one of the LOTR actors, please use the Celebrities subforum.

  • All threads that are repeats of the forum stickies will be moved. The stickies are as follows:

    --- Favorite LOTR Character
    --- Everything Elvish
    --- LOTR Spellings
    --- Linklist - Fun and Important Threads

  • This is a very slow-moving subforum. As such, it is not hard to find threads that have been abandoned. Please do not post in these dead threads! All threads that have been necroed will be locked. A good time frame is if the last post was over a month ago, it is considered dead.

  • Flaming other users will not be tolerated! Please keep all discussions civil.

  • Please report all misplaced threads, and other TOS violations. Do not flame users for making these threads, it is simply best to report and move on. Let the moderators deal with the problem.

  • On that note: please remember that all moderators will have a green name and a title (ex: Site Moderator, Moderator Assistant).

  • Please do not spam! Keep all replies on topic and try to add some discussion to your post! Explain yourself, expand on your points etc.

  • If you wish to make Versus thread it must have well-thought out discussion in it! Otherwise it will be moved to the Chatterbox.