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Tricky Lunatic

Oh and Caely, upon realizing that the stereotypical French-Canadian attitude is what drove my mainly Irish-German grandmother's life into a living hell, I have named you as the perpetrator and catalyst of my infuriated behavior as it has been pronounced over these past...4 years?

I might say that I have many thorns in my side, what harm could one more do?
But you, you are the bullet-hole in my head. kthxbai.

Mind you, there is no bullet anywhere. I always hate anthropomorphized manifestations of *
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Arthalion's Wife

Apparently November's RIG opened already, so...

Obligatory link to RIG item list
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Beloved Hunter

I know I've not been around much (NaNoWriMo is eating my soul) but I stumbled across the credits song of The Hobbit.

http://www1.rollingstone.com/hearitnow/player/neilfinn.html There was an article, but I lost it hours ago and I've been listening to this over and over and over again all day.
Glad to know that my soul isn't the only one being eaten by NaNo. wink What's your account over there so I can add you as a buddy (or whatever it's called on that site)? I'm merigreenleaf on the NaNo site (somehow my business alias became my writing alias; I guess that works out if I ever get published since I'll have a pen name ready to go, lol).

I like a few things in that RIG- the Skyfish Ribbons, Sirenia Atargatis, and Brosnya Dragoon are pretty!

Oh! Guys! I got my first Hobbit action figure! I rewarded myself with Bilbo for hitting 25k words in my NaNo story (well, technically I won't get there until tomorrow so I'm not allowed to open the box, says my husband. *pout*). 50k words will get me Thorin. But what's with the figures being so *expensive* now? When LotR was out, I swear they were like $9, which is the size of the 3" figures now. The regular sized ones are $15! stare Looks like I'll only be getting maybe three of the dwarves.
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Beloved Hunter

Tiranistion. I need a penname myself, possibly. I might not bother, my name works.

I have no rewards in place. I really ought to, but having no money... Yeah. I should reach 25k today myself!
Friended ya over there. wink

I like the idea of rewards. I'm letting myself have a piece of candy for every day I get 1k (or when I get to that day's goal. Depends on how much I want candy, lol). But after seeing the new Hobbit stuff on Jinx, I'm rethinking the Thorin action figure and wanting one of those tshirts! (Maybe I should write my fingers off and try for 75k so I can justify both!)
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Beloved Hunter

That'd be fun! I've not been able to do candy, but I promised myself snickerdoodles at 25k and I reached that today. Soon as I reach goal, I will go make cookies. And then, as cookies bake, I will continue trying to write.

But I have died, having found the ENTIRE THE HOBBIT SOUNDTRACK (or at least, all of part 1's) to stream. I'm in heaven. So much love.
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Tricky Lunatic

I have a coconut, on my head.
Cookies! Yeah, that's a good incentive! I haven't listened to the soundtrack yet, so I think I'll do that today while I write. Hoping that when I hit 25k, I'll get a heroic song. xd

And yes, that's a coconut. xd Cute!
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Tricky Lunatic

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Beloved Hunter

Love. So much love for the soundtrack. I've faltered a little today. bad, hard day. ugh.

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