Yoooooo man I know this place seems to be the Sacred Ground of Hatin' on Dat Peter Jackson with some cameos of LOTRO Sucks: Thoughts? and Elves Are Some Sexy Motherfuggers, but here's hoping I can root out some LOTRO players anyhow.

The point! Of this lazy late-night thread! Is to look for folks to RP with on LOTRO!

I'm like incredibly hitched to this idea in which my hobbit gal (in whom I'm incredibly overinvested, I'll be the first to admit) gets her luvvin' on with a human but heeeeyyyy, I'm up for other stuff too.

My mains are all on Laurelin but yo I will totes navigate somewhere else for the right stuff.

UHM. Yeah thassit. Don't be afraid to shoot me a PM about it either. Or. Uh. Reply here, I guess? Man I dunno.