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HAHA........The Lord Of The Rings is a nice movie I really like it biggrin
Do anyone likes to watch Lord Of The Rings?Anyone!
Ok, I'm adding the new Hobbit thread and Niere's guild.
Nice list, PZ. 3nodding

EDIT; Stickified!! surprised
bn bn
I didnt care much for lord of the ringes
i got hacked like crazy evil

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yay sticky!!! wahmbulance emo redface
Do anyone likes to watch Lord Of The Rings?Anyone!

er why would they b on this forum if they didn't?
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Favourite Lord of The Rings Character
Everything Elvish!
LOTR Spellings

Book and Discussion Threads:
The Hobbit: There And Back Again - An Official Thread!
OFFICIAL - The Silmarillion Thread
OFFICIAL - Unfinished Tales and the History of Middle-earth
Anybody read Roverandom?
If You Lived in Middle Earth, what Race would you be?

Fanart and Fiction:
The OFFICIAL Fanfiction Thread
The LOTR Fanart Thread
Common Misconceptions

Tolkien Character Look-Alike Game
20 Questions, LOTR Style
Who Said It?
The (Official) QUOTE GAME

Laernathron - Song Contest

Tolkien Related Guilds:
The Last Alliance of Elves and Men (A LOTR RPG)
Numenore - a LOTR Community
Silver Glass: Middle Earth on the Big Screen
The LOTR Literate Fangirls Guild


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