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What race?

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Elfs are graceful and skilled with the bow. Like me.
human like aragorn or some people say hes a dundian which isnt a human but he looks a human to me...
I'de be a hobbit slash elf with a little bit of man! blaugh
I think I would be a hobbit. I love to eat, I live on a farm (and like it), and I like to walk around barefoot (at least at some times and places).

Otherwise, I'd probably be a human.

I'd like to be an elf, or a wizard--well, since I'm a girl, I don't know if that would work. blaugh A hobbit that know a little bit about the world, too. Or a person from Rohan.
-Hobbits for life style
-Dwarves for their treasure
-Elves... I dislike elves
-Men: Self-explainatory
-Evil stuff:Uruk-Hai maybe. Or Nazgul. Because Nazguls kick a**.
I'd be half elf, half hobbit...because I'm short, I have huge feet, I eat like an elephant, and I remain all petite and girly and adorable and all that sucky shtuff. *snarl, foam*
an elf. i'm tall, skinny, and i love nature...my friends always tell me i have slightly pointed ears anyways....
I'd be a hobbit 'cos people say I look like one 3nodding
elf there really strong and fast and there immortal
I would be a Man (wizard) or an elf.
i think i would be an elf too even tho they are supposed to be shirt.. like me.. they are tall in TLOTR lol.
I would be an elf! I have a medieval dress,and an elvish crown,I am an elf! Lol mrgreen
Elf cause I care alot about trees and nature. and Hobbit cause of there carefree nature whee
i would probably be an elf cause...there cool i guess..it'd be cool 2 live forever but i prob get bored..

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