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What race?

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ITT: Hundreds of people delude themselves by saying "elf".

I'd be a man of Gondor. The Rohirrim are smelly peasants.
Balrog hehehehe burning_eyes
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Rainbow Smoker

I'd be an Ent. Maybe a Willow one.
I'd be a 'Rolf'.

It's like an elf but it's really just Feanor who'd changed his name to Raúl and developed a tendency to dress as a clown.
Mandos may not be a dementor, but he's still pretty damn scary.

Seriously? Lorien's pet wiener dog. As in kelvar over olvar. I like to eat vegetables, not be the vegetable. These are not the vegetables you are looking for.
Or one of the Lossoth. I'd take snow over s**t any day. Anybody want waffles? *waves syrup*

Lothlorien in winter.....*sighs*
I love the Rohirrim's and the Elve's cultures most, but I want to be honest - I'd definitely be a hobbit: I'm small, like good food, live on the countryside and I love being barefooted wink
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A hobbit, I'm sure. I love the idea of ignoring others and being ignored; and being in love with food and nature - and mushrooms. I love mushrooms. Mmm. Mushrooms...
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I'd definitely be an elf. just sayin. or one of the riders of the rohirrim... cuz i love horses biggrin
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definatly an elf that spends her time climbing trees
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You look stronger than you are
You are short and barefoot
You eat more than three meals a day
What else could somebody want?
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i'd be a human warrior...oops excuse me, delete that...a lady ELF! xd
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I'd be a hobbit! I'd farm, read story books, wear ribbons in my hair at spring dances, eat strawberries and cream, and watch Gandalf's sweet-a** fireworks. Plus, I'd live in the cutest little house-hole thingie! I'd probably be a Fallohide, since I'm not all THAT of a homebody.
Did I mention, NO SHOES? Haha! Hairy hippy hobbit feet!
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Elves: too gay.
Dwarves: too short.
Humans: just right.
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I would be an elf! THEY ROCK!
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I'd have to be a Nazgul. no dout about it.
Elf or Hobbit

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