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Have you read them? When?

I read them before seeing the movies. 0.51873198847262 51.9% [ 180 ]
I read them after seeing the movies. 0.32564841498559 32.6% [ 113 ]
I haven't read them. 0.089337175792507 8.9% [ 31 ]
I only read the Hobbit; LotR is too long. 0.06628242074928 6.6% [ 23 ]
Total Votes:[ 347 ]
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read them all and im currently re-reading them
The books are amazing. =)
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I watched the movies first and my dad said the book were way better so I read them and my mind was blown. And reading the apendicies at the end of Return of the King it was so amazing that Tolkein had created this entire world from his mind, I felt like I was reading a history book not a novel.
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I read them before seeing the movies. But I love the movies more than I did the books. Dont get me wrong, I loved reading them. But to actually "see" the world come to life in a movie, epic!
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I read The Hobbit a couple times in middle school. Out of the trilogy, I've read The Fellowship of the Ring and about three quarters of The Two Towers. I have a hard time getting through Tolkien's work, unfortunately. As much as I love the stories and just how rich with detail they really are, I find his writing style to be very dry.
I saw the original Hobbit animated movie when I was a child then read about half the book of the Hobbit. Then I saw the Lord of the Rings in theaters and read the beginning of the first book after I saw the films but that is all. sweatdrop
I'm currently in the process of reading them now. I am about halfway through the Two Towers.
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started the FotR with mum when i was 5, we finished the sereis when i was 6. after that i read them by myself.
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I've read the Hobbit and I'm almost finished with the Fellowship. :3
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I read the books like seven times. I remember one weekend I decided to start after school on Friday and i was finished with all 4 books by bedtime on Sunday. I've seen the animations by Bakshi and the other one, they were in over their heads, to animate those stories and do them justice at that time, would have taken until NOW to do right. Did they ever make the third animation? Dunno... I have the first two, don't really care if there's a third. I have all of the movies and WILL buy the Hobbit if and when I can afford it. And I still own my big hardbacked copy of the books in one big book with the map folded up in the back. I must have watched the movies 4 times last year. Once so far this year (on my birthday).
I am currently re-reading the Lord of the Rings triology. I just finished The Children of Hurin and I've also read The Hobbit and The Silmarillion. These are some of my favourite books and I'm so happy my father introduced me to the amazing world of Middle Earth.
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I have read them all and in the process of re-reading them. I am reading "The Hobbit" first, but life is getting to busy to read right now sad Makes me sad! I must have my LOTR/Hobbit fix!
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I have read them all, and then was super excited when the movies came out. Love them. smile
What i really want to know is what do ppl think was left out of the movies that could of been done from the books. My personal frustration is that barrow downs, in fellowship, which i thought could of been done very well in a movie (especially with a theater that has surround sound).

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