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Have you read them? When?

I read them before seeing the movies. 0.51873198847262 51.9% [ 180 ]
I read them after seeing the movies. 0.32564841498559 32.6% [ 113 ]
I haven't read them. 0.089337175792507 8.9% [ 31 ]
I only read the Hobbit; LotR is too long. 0.06628242074928 6.6% [ 23 ]
Total Votes:[ 347 ]
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I read them when I was eight or nine
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I read them all in high school. Grand fun. ^_^
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I've read the trilogy like 9 time and The Hobbit 3....I loveeeee this series, I'm so obsessed. blaugh
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Earwen II
I'm 9 and reading the series. I've read The Hobbit in 3 days. I just can't give Legolas up razz .

Love Legolas! ^_^
He was my favorite when I was younger, but as I've gotten older, I've really fallen for Aragorn. emotion_awesome
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Sparkly Pants

I read the LOTR books after seeing the first film in the cinema. I've also read The Silmarillion and The Hobbit.

I want to read The Hobbit again before the new film comes out, but I've lent my book to a friend and they haven't finished it yet. rolleyes
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Hm... fairly sure I was in middle-school when I read The Hobbit, and it was at least a decade later when I finally got around to reading the trilogy... But I remember seeing the animated movie as a kid.
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I've been working my way through 'em for a while.
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Lord of the Rings????
Absolutely Amazing!
Nothing better!

lol lol lol lol lol lol lol
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I’ve ready the Hobbit twice so far and I think i’ve only read the lord of the Rings trilogy once. I probably need to re-read the lord of the rings one more time, and the Silmarillion.

I thought they were quite interesting, Tolkien did a wonderful job creating the world of middle earth with the story and making characters who were likable and interesting.
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It was a dozen years ago the first time I read the series. I started with The Hobbit, then read the Trilogy. I started The Silmarillion, but didn't like it enough to finish.
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I'm similar to you with the books. I was 9 when the first movie came out, got ADDICTED so I went to the library to borrow Two Towers & couldn't, for the life of me understand it. So I waited when I was older to read them. I read The Hobbit, LOTR & then The Silmarillion.
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All the LOTRs and The Hobbit were amazingly written. ALS Children of Hurin is one of my favorites. It's very dark.
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I've read them all. Including The Hobbit. Love them :3

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