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Enough of all this Legolas and Aragorn shizz, we all know Gimli is the man in the trio. SO ITS GIMLI TIME!!!

Gimli Destroys The Ring
Yikes not enough love in this thread.
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This is beautiful
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That beard.

And that video was actually amazing.
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Gotta love that voice. John Rhys-Davies is the coolest. Did you all know that he does the voice of Manray on Spongebob? And for those old enough to remember this he was also Macbeth on the 90's cartoon Gargoyles.
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Gimli was really funny in the movies (especially the extended ones)... Seriously, most of the lol moments where all thanks to him... I'm pretty sure he was the reason the others among him could stay cheerful most of the time as well... And always trying to beat Legalos at everything... Yeah, Gimli definitely deserves some more appreciation... cat_3nodding
Gimli is awesome.
I love Gimli. One of my favourite characters in the movies.
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without a doubt the best of those three.
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With The Hobbit now in full swing with all those other dwarves I'm showing a great fondness for these hairy little critters. heart KILI heart
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Gimli is the best, you all know it.
Bless Gloin's beard for creating such a beautiful creature.
I named my bunny Gimli! emotion_yatta
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Gimli truly is best. His friendship with Legolas makes him extra special. And he is damn classy in the books. Galadriel stands up for him, he adorns her with beautiful words. He sees the caves at Helms deep, and after a page of perfect eloquent description, convinces Legolas to see them too. And afterwards Legolas is admittedly incapable of matching Gimli's words.
He runs 140 ish miles in four days, with only a couple of hours sleep, following Aragorn and Legolas, who are by birth fairly super-human compared to him. To even keep up is miraculous. THERE NEEDS TO BE MORE GIMLI LOVE.

Legolas is Second to Gimli, if only because Gimli tries so much harder. And still killed more orcs, fair and square. XD
Legolas may have killed a giant elephantes, but Gimli still counted it as one, you know, fair is fair! LOL!

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