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Who is your favourite character?

Aragorn 0.20287005271525 20.3% [ 4849 ]
Boromir 0.022466739185005 2.2% [ 537 ]
Frodo 0.069492092711907 6.9% [ 1661 ]
Gandalf 0.12772989707974 12.8% [ 3053 ]
Gimli 0.056773491758012 5.7% [ 1357 ]
Legolas 0.28616852146264 28.6% [ 6840 ]
Merry 0.021881014141076 2.2% [ 523 ]
Pippin 0.06484812986361 6.5% [ 1550 ]
Sam 0.046021253451594 4.6% [ 1100 ]
Other 0.10174880763116 10.2% [ 2432 ]
Total Votes:[ 23902 ]
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I used to like Legolas prior to the movie release. He was an active character, was able to bridge the gap between dwarf and elf, and even took Gimli with him to the undying lands (yes, read the histories, it's in there). Now, I abhor him, simply because he is no longer Legolas Greenleaf, Prince of Mirkwood. He's Orlando Bloom in a blone wig. His entire image has been disassociated with his original character. I still like Legolas as I read the literary classics (for the millionth time), but I dislike what pop culture has turned him into.

Arwen can just go away. I've always hated her, and now she's stealing the spotlight from Glorfindel, who is undeniably cool. Sauron can have her, I wouldn't lose sleep.

In the histories its only rumored that Gimli and Legolas go to the undying lands it doesn't say they actually go and even if they did it was because of Galadriel not Legolas. Anyway my favourite LOTR character is Tom Bombadil purely for the fact that most of the real fans(who read the books) know who he is, but the people who have only seen the film havent heard of him. I also felt that they made Legolas ridiculously good in the movies and made Gimli nothing but a comedy character. I mean look in FOTR they could have practically given the ring to Legolas on his own because he seems unstoppable.

YES TOM BOMBADIL!!! I am thankful they didn't put him in the movie they may have ruined him too. stare
Just on a point, I work in a library and we have the encylopedia of Middle Earth put out by Tolkien industries. It states that both Gimli and Legolas go to the Undying lands together, so I guess they upped it past just rumor, but I know where you're coming from when you said that ^.^

Well I guess you are probably right if you have an entire encyclopedia in it. One question was it written by JRR himself or his son Christopher. Anyway I got my info from the appendices written at the back of Return of the king, which where written by JRR Tolkien so maybe he changed his mind later or Christopher decided to rewrite a few more things than hes done already
I think Pippin is my favourite, in the book and in the movies.
I don't know why tho.
Gandalf has acted really well though. biggrin

BUMP blaugh
Gandalf is soooooooooooooooo coooooooooooooool. He is my favorite character. He is awsomeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I voted other because the character I most like is Arwen. She is my favorite and probably next would have to be the hot elf himself, Legolas.
Frodo, b/c he's cute and I can relate to him a lot, surprisingly.
I voted other because the character I most like is Arwen. She is my favorite and probably next would have to be the hot elf himself, Legolas.
I agree Arwen is the coolest!
my favorite character use to be Legs (hehe nickname! and boy does he have some nice one xd 3nodding ) he was what got my addicted to the Lord of the Rings (books and movies) but then, i saw Pippin... and he became my favorite character and i love him beyond all reason heart Billy Boyd is THE BEST!!! sing, act, be comical, sexy, cutest little thing, EVERYTHING he's the best. i also do love Pippin in the books too! 'corse xp enough of my ranting! my vote can only go to Pippin!!
I love Gandalf, Treebeard, and Gimli; and there's no one like Tom Bombadil; but ultimately . . . . >.>

<_____< That Rosie Cotton is one lucky lady.

Samwise. Yup. Samwise. ^___^
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Pippin is my hero! He's so cute and stupid, always getting into trouble like the moron he is. I love him. whee
It's so hard for me to choose just one as a favorite. There are so many that i love. Pretty much only one that I hate.
LEGOLAS is the best character in LOTR... his bow and arrow are sooo goodd i luvv himmm
I say Pippin, he's like... Pippin.
It is really difficult for me to say which LotR character is my favourite, but I've managed to cut the number down to eight now. Those eight are: the four fellowship hobbits, Gandalf, Aragorn, Faramir and Eowyn. This time I chose Frodo, because generally I don't think he gets enough credit from fans. Many people call him weak and say that Sam is the real hero, which is totally uncorrect, for by my opinion they are both equally responsible for the destruction of the ring. Frodo couldn't have done it without Sam and Sam couldn't do it withou Frodo, and n'either of them could probably not have done it without Gollum, but that's another story.
Well, in the bottom line I guess my point is, that it's almost impossible to name a favourite character, for me anyway, in the Lord of the Rings, because they're all so brilliant and unreplaceable!

By the way Zurgi, love your avatar!

That's so true. Frodo may have APPEARED weak, but no weak person could EVER carry the burden of the ring.. people are just too ignorant to see that Sam, though he is strong, couldn't have done it. Sam was very strong, as was Frodo. They couldn't do it without each other.

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