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Who is your favourite character?

Aragorn 0.20298357358364 20.3% [ 4844 ]
Boromir 0.022460610124036 2.2% [ 536 ]
Frodo 0.069560844787127 7.0% [ 1660 ]
Gandalf 0.12763995977204 12.8% [ 3046 ]
Gimli 0.056738183037211 5.7% [ 1354 ]
Legolas 0.28591183372444 28.6% [ 6823 ]
Merry 0.021915856520282 2.2% [ 523 ]
Pippin 0.06490948709353 6.5% [ 1549 ]
Sam 0.046010727455582 4.6% [ 1098 ]
Other 0.10186892390211 10.2% [ 2431 ]
Total Votes:[ 23864 ]
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Tom Bombadil heart heart redface redface I know he's supposed to be fat and super old and all, but I can't help but feel he's just so badass. The ring has no power over him and he commands the trees themselves.

"Old Tom Bombadil is a merry fellow;
Bright blue his jacket is, and his boots are yellow."
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FRODO N SMEAGUL/GOLLUM <3 lol imma dork
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I truly adored Samwise, Frodo was a good hobbit but not my personal choice. Merry and Pippin were brilliant trouble makers. So I guess I just adored the hobbits in general. Gimli was awesome but I was a little disappointed at them leaving Bombadil out of the movies.
all characters were great in these movies
my favorites are legolas, orlando bloom outdid himself that time. i love gimli, gandalf,pippin,arwin,eomier, and some more. i wasn't a fan of aragorn but my sister loves him, he's her fav. i love legolas, h's sooooooooooo hot. heart heart heart
If you couldn't ell I'm a fan of Elrohir and his Brother Elladan
If you couldn't ell I'm a fan of Elrohir and his Brother Elladan

don't know much about them but they seem ok
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I am torn between Aragon and Legolas.
I went with Legolas because I believed most people would be choosing Aragon but to my surprise the most popular is in fact Legolas.
I heart Aragorn!
Pippin needs more votes!
My favorite character from the Lord of The Rings Series has to be Tree Beard. I like that he was never to hasty as he would put it. The fact that he is said to be the oldest living creature in middle earth was also cool. 3nodding
My faourite Tolkien character has always been Thranduil the Elvenking heart
      Whatttt?! Aragorn should be everyone's favorite. I don't understand how anyone could deny his badassery. What a panty dropper.
Aragorn heart
my favorite is aragorn and gandalf the grey. but, i also fan with the elf with the bow but, i forgot his name. he really cool when i see him with the bow. i mean he is really fast with the bow in the movie of the fellowship of the ring

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