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Who is your favourite character?

Aragorn 0.20286216419784 20.3% [ 4848 ]
Boromir 0.022428655117583 2.2% [ 536 ]
Frodo 0.069503724161018 7.0% [ 1661 ]
Gandalf 0.12775127625743 12.8% [ 3053 ]
Gimli 0.056782994392836 5.7% [ 1357 ]
Legolas 0.28613273077245 28.6% [ 6838 ]
Merry 0.02188467654197 2.2% [ 523 ]
Pippin 0.064858984015399 6.5% [ 1550 ]
Sam 0.046028956398025 4.6% [ 1100 ]
Other 0.10176583814545 10.2% [ 2432 ]
Total Votes:[ 23898 ]
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he is by far the best character in LOTR.
he is the hero, the king, the leader, the elvish speaking, fighter.
whenever i read the books ot watch the mvoies i jus wish i could be like him
Eowyn is totaly the best!!!
and (rare for tolkein) a strong female character. she should degfinitely get over aragorn. Faramir's cuter anyway...
Yay! New Sticky ^.^

*sigh* I guess I'll have to repeat my old answer from Thanxul's thread.
Fave Tolkien character is Maedhros (big surprise I'm sure), but as far as LOTR goes, it's a toss up between Faramir (Because he's Faramir, he doesn't need an explanation) and Eomer (Because he makes me cry every time I read ROTK).

As for the Fellowship, my favourite is Legolas. I'm an Elf fan for one thing, but I also just enjoyed his character. The songs, the knowledge, taking down the nazgul, running off to find the sun.... xd
I heart Gandalf!
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I voted on the old sticky, but I guess I'll vote here, too. whee

I voted for Gandalf this time, but really I don't have a fave because I like all the characters for various reasons and have a hard time choosing just one fave. But I think I like Gandalf and the four main Hobbits a little more than the others. Love them Hobbitses. XD Faramir is probably my fave character that's not in the Fellowship. Fave villians would definitely be the Ringwraiths. ...I just love them for some reason. They're just so creepy yet so cool.

*is new around here so goes back to lurking* ninja
my favorite would have to be Sam because he's there suporting Frodo, inceriging[sp?] him. He's a sweet hobbit, and he's loyal....now i'm making him sound like a dog... sweatdrop oh well....no one really talks about Sam that much....it's kinda sad...and he has the last line in the books...lol oh well...

i'd have to agree with my sister on this one...and no aiden....you don't need to run and duck for cover..... stare
I think best character is Aragorn, but I like Faramir and Gandalf too.
I voted for Boromir.
I have to say : Aragorn 3nodding heart *lol*
I am partial to Feanor in the Silmarillian, even though he was not very smart about the whole silmaril thing.
and also earendil I liked him too.

I think in Lord of the Rings (the book) I liked Legolas and Frodo the best.
legolas because he had one of the best lines in the book, "I'm off to fetch the sun!" (when the fellowship is on cahadras).
And Frodo just because of how much he went through, (and because he and Sam made me cry while I was reading).
Boromir, because he was noble, and hot, and sweet, and hot, and loving, and hot, and I love him, and hot! Sorry, bit of an obsession there. But I love Faramir, too, and then I have little piece of my heart for Legolas, like most teenage girls. But I didn't go to see the movies becuase of all the hot actors. So don't even thing about it! LOL!

Smeagol should be on there sad *votes for 'other'*
..gah, i had a hard time choosing between Frodo, Aragorn or Samwise. I picked Sam because he was (as i see it) the heart of the books and movies. He encouraged Frodo and was the most emotional character.

I have a feeling that the only reason Legolas is winning is because half of the female population is in love with Orlando Bloom. Plus Legolas barely had lines in the movies and slightly more in the books. Although when he did have lines he spoke them well.
Smeagol should be on there sad *votes for 'other'*

There are a lot of characters I would have loved to put on there, but alas, with only ten poll options, the fairest way seemed to be to put the Fellowship on there and then an Other option ^__^

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