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Who is your favourite character?

Aragorn 0.20286645495571 20.3% [ 4855 ]
Boromir 0.022563931138225 2.3% [ 540 ]
Frodo 0.0694885508942 6.9% [ 1663 ]
Gandalf 0.12769513621929 12.8% [ 3056 ]
Gimli 0.05686946347986 5.7% [ 1361 ]
Legolas 0.28601871970583 28.6% [ 6845 ]
Merry 0.021895370215611 2.2% [ 524 ]
Pippin 0.064850409493565 6.5% [ 1552 ]
Sam 0.046088918602708 4.6% [ 1103 ]
Other 0.101663045295 10.2% [ 2433 ]
Total Votes:[ 23932 ]
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Sam was my favorite.
Glorfindel was my favourite, though to be fair that's more because of Silmarillion happenings than his brief appearance in LOTR. I liked movieverse Elrond a lot, because I really enjoy Hugo Weaving's acting.

I also rather like Gil-galad, both the one that had four seconds of movie-time, and the one from the books.
Forgive me for not reading everyone elses posts first, to lazy, but... SAM ROXORS! \/\/00t for awsome loyal hobbits wth cute kids, power to the samwise *crawls back into happy little hobbithole with tolkien boks*
Pippin is just sooo cute and funny biggrin
I like Gimli and I like Merry and Pippen (they're like one character!!!) xp
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Forgive me for not reading everyone elses posts first, to lazy, but... SAM ROXORS! \/\/00t for awsome loyal hobbits wth cute kids, power to the samwise *crawls back into happy little hobbithole with tolkien boks*

I think exactly the same! ^_^
legolas is the best charector
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Pippin is really funny and childish, and I like watching him grow up in ROTK. Frodo ALSO rocks because he's the ringbearer!
alot of the character from lotr is so cool!
but my fav. is legolas no wait its pipin no lurtz no ummm....the witch king oh i dont know sweatdrop
I went with Aragorn, cause he spent long years toiling for the benefit of others, without recognition or comfort. Although it was hard choosing between him, Gandalf, and Frodo, all favorite characters.
Aragorn is the best. Sam is cool to because without him Frodo would failed his mission.
Legolas heart
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New sticky! Yay! We needed a new one of these. whee

Now I must think of what to say... I have reasons for liking almost everyone... Too hard to choose...

Strider/Aragorn/Elessar: Strider was just plain cool. Aragorn is a couragous leader. Elessar is, well, the King. xd

Frodo: He took the Ring to Mordor. Enough said. He did what no one else wanted to do. He was not a wimp. *shoots the people who think so* And he survived. What an amazing little hobbit.

Sam: The most loyal friend a person could ever have. He never left Frodo's side unless something happened that prevented him from being there. And as Sam said, "I can't carry it for you, but I can carry you!" That is just amazing. Plus his speech (in the movies) near the end of The Two Towers nearly had me in tears.

Merry: He wanted to fight when no one would let him. He didn't want the fact that he was too small to prevent him from going into battle. Such a brave little hobbit.

Pippin: Anyone who could offer his services willingly to Denethor is ok in my book. Plus he was able to overcome (well, after a while) what he saw in the Palantir. *didn't really know how to word all that* Just like Merry, he was a brave hobbit. Seemingly foolish at times, but not to be brushed off.

Boromir: I used to hate Boromir. That was the first time I read the books. I was speed reading it and didn't really pay much attention to him, but he seemed like a jerk. The second time I read it (which was after I watched the movie), I was like "Boromir isn't that big of jerk after all..." Though the Ring had overtaken him, in the end as he was dying he basically let it all go. To take all those arrows to defend his hobbit friends? Now that's what I call loyal. Such a nice little before death speech. Boromir will be missed. Plus the flashback of him and Faramir at that celebration thingy was pretty cool.

Gandalf: Able to take on a Balrog. Wow. For the time that he was the "leader" he was a darn good one. Almost always there to get you out of a tough spot.

Gimli: Excellent fighter. His skills with an ax amaze me. And the fact that he was able to overcome the whole barrier thing between elves and dwarves and able to befriend Legolas is very nice.

Legolas: OMG!!!!!!!111!one!! Lagoles is so hawt!!!!111one TeEheE! xd Just kidding. He was the eyes and ears of the Fellowship. Sure, technically he accomplished the least of the fellowship, but that doesn't mean he didn't do anything. There were times that Legolas was almost crucial to what needed to be done. He's a skilled archer and the Fellowship needed one. I know Aragorn was able to fight with a bow and arrow as well, but he was more skilled with a sword.

Eh. I'll list non-fellowship member likings later. Too much to type... gonk
You're right about Merry, and he's my favorite character, but why are you telling about them and how they acted in the LOTR trilogies?
Fav. Charaters: Merry and Pippin.

There so cute and dumb at some points. How can you not like them hehe
o man!! it is sooooo hard to choose which is my favorite character.... personally, the fellowship makes the whole movie so its hecka hard to choose whos the best

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