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Who is your favourite character?

Aragorn 0.20286216419784 20.3% [ 4848 ]
Boromir 0.022428655117583 2.2% [ 536 ]
Frodo 0.069503724161018 7.0% [ 1661 ]
Gandalf 0.12775127625743 12.8% [ 3053 ]
Gimli 0.056782994392836 5.7% [ 1357 ]
Legolas 0.28613273077245 28.6% [ 6838 ]
Merry 0.02188467654197 2.2% [ 523 ]
Pippin 0.064858984015399 6.5% [ 1550 ]
Sam 0.046028956398025 4.6% [ 1100 ]
Other 0.10176583814545 10.2% [ 2432 ]
Total Votes:[ 23898 ]
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bookwise: Sam

moviewise: Boromir

but if i had to pick an overall person i liked in the movies AND the books equally: Gandalf
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I'm all about Pippin. heart I love him to death. He's so innocent in the first two books and then really matures and takes charge in the third. Not to mention Billy Boyd was absolutely adorable in the movies. biggrin
I like Boromir, you forgot the spider and Faramir! crying

{ too bad he gets thrown over a waterfall } whee
I didn't forget anyone, you just can't have more than ten poll options wink
Boromir all the way. LOVE him. Why? you may ask, and i'm sure many are as there was only 4% of us who voted for him. poor boy. Because he's the most human of all the characters! He's boastful, proud, but kind as well. He makes mistakes, but he totally redeems himself in the end.
Hmm I'd have tp say Elrond...as to why that is well only my friends will know ^^;
Legolas ROCKS!!!!
Always have been and always will be an elf girl.

I love him but from the ones that you listed I would have to say Aragorn. Oh and where is Eowyn. HMM.
i like legolous the best i think i spelt it wrong
i give my vote to the tragic hero frodo. it sounds corny on paper( or more accurately, on screen) but my best friend is going through terrible times, so a couple times, she said how nice it is to have her very own Samwise (aka me- ha, i'm special), and so sometimes i call her my Frodo. their friendship is so symbolic, and I get so pissed off when people say that they are gay. it makes no sense.

but it is hard to pick just one character, they are all so interesting and multi-faceted. heart
well before voting i knew that everyone goes for legolas, and dont get me wrong legolas is the man, but i just cant like someone so many others like as my favorite, my top 3 favorite good are faramir,eowyn and merry.
the Balrog was the best tho. but i am really into lord of the rings and everythign with it, so any questions or struff ask me, also the third age isnt really that good of game, yes its kinda off topic but its lord of the rings, it might be better if price goers down tho
the Ents, Treebeard is my fave.
I love legolas i rekon he is the best character but i really like aragon 2
\also the third age isnt really that good of game, yes its kinda off topic but its lord of the rings, it might be better if price goers down tho

It's a crappy game, no matter what the price. There are so many inaccuracies and the game itself is bad.

Even if it was free I would still think it sucks <_<

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