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Who is your favourite character?

Aragorn 0.20286645495571 20.3% [ 4855 ]
Boromir 0.022563931138225 2.3% [ 540 ]
Frodo 0.0694885508942 6.9% [ 1663 ]
Gandalf 0.12769513621929 12.8% [ 3056 ]
Gimli 0.05686946347986 5.7% [ 1361 ]
Legolas 0.28601871970583 28.6% [ 6845 ]
Merry 0.021895370215611 2.2% [ 524 ]
Pippin 0.064850409493565 6.5% [ 1552 ]
Sam 0.046088918602708 4.6% [ 1103 ]
Other 0.101663045295 10.2% [ 2433 ]
Total Votes:[ 23932 ]
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Yes, welcome to the Favourite Lord of the Rings Character thread. This is the thread for you to vote in the poll (apologies for only having the Fellowship, but alas, only ten options were allowed and that's the fairest way) and discuss your favourite character.

Doesn't matter whether you're choosing said character from the books or from the movies, it's whoever you like! So vote and post away!

Characters from other works of Tolkien's are allowed as well, despite the fact that this says "Lord of the Rings".

08/15/05: Poll has been redone since it died, and hopefully this works now.
DELETED - xp ...Shows how much attention I pay to what's going on.
*thwacks Longbow* You dolt. Thaxul made a new thread so that the sticky could be replaced, but Mitsukai asked for a new one to be made without all the random comments in the first post about how awful the sticky is xp That's what this one was for.

Edit: And editing the first post of the other one would have been really annoying and made the poll go all wonky. So yuss.
It is really difficult for me to say which LotR character is my favourite, but I've managed to cut the number down to eight now. Those eight are: the four fellowship hobbits, Gandalf, Aragorn, Faramir and Eowyn. This time I chose Frodo, because generally I don't think he gets enough credit from fans. Many people call him weak and say that Sam is the real hero, which is totally uncorrect, for by my opinion they are both equally responsible for the destruction of the ring. Frodo couldn't have done it without Sam and Sam couldn't do it withou Frodo, and n'either of them could probably not have done it without Gollum, but that's another story.
Well, in the bottom line I guess my point is, that it's almost impossible to name a favourite character, for me anyway, in the Lord of the Rings, because they're all so brilliant and unreplaceable!

By the way Zurgi, love your avatar!
I know what you mean about Frodo not getting enough credit. I get so annoyed when people rant on that he's weak. There was a thread here a while ago ranting that Frodo was a sissy or something along those lines and I got so pissed of xd

I should vote in the poll, actually. I choose..other! My favourite character would probably have to be Tevildo, Prince of Cats xd Nahh..I actually don't know. Luthien is great, same with Turin, and Tuor....well, they all fall under the Other category, so that is the category I choose for now ^_^

And thanks about the av thing, haha.
gimili RULEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fomg teh stickification D:
Wooot, thanks Mitsu xd A good favourite character sticky...woot!
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Girl-Crazy Smoker

Wooo! A good fave character sticky, and I'm on the first page! whee heart

*votes for Gandalf*
W00T! New sticky! I voted for Legolas, he's my favorite member of the fellowship...but after thinking about it I really should have voted for Other, because Elrond is my favorite character of all time. 3nodding
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New sticky! Yay! We needed a new one of these. whee

Now I must think of what to say... I have reasons for liking almost everyone... Too hard to choose...

Strider/Aragorn/Elessar: Strider was just plain cool. Aragorn is a couragous leader. Elessar is, well, the King. xd

Frodo: He took the Ring to Mordor. Enough said. He did what no one else wanted to do. He was not a wimp. *shoots the people who think so* And he survived. What an amazing little hobbit.

Sam: The most loyal friend a person could ever have. He never left Frodo's side unless something happened that prevented him from being there. And as Sam said, "I can't carry it for you, but I can carry you!" That is just amazing. Plus his speech (in the movies) near the end of The Two Towers nearly had me in tears.

Merry: He wanted to fight when no one would let him. He didn't want the fact that he was too small to prevent him from going into battle. Such a brave little hobbit.

Pippin: Anyone who could offer his services willingly to Denethor is ok in my book. Plus he was able to overcome (well, after a while) what he saw in the Palantir. *didn't really know how to word all that* Just like Merry, he was a brave hobbit. Seemingly foolish at times, but not to be brushed off.

Boromir: I used to hate Boromir. That was the first time I read the books. I was speed reading it and didn't really pay much attention to him, but he seemed like a jerk. The second time I read it (which was after I watched the movie), I was like "Boromir isn't that big of jerk after all..." Though the Ring had overtaken him, in the end as he was dying he basically let it all go. To take all those arrows to defend his hobbit friends? Now that's what I call loyal. Such a nice little before death speech. Boromir will be missed. Plus the flashback of him and Faramir at that celebration thingy was pretty cool.

Gandalf: Able to take on a Balrog. Wow. For the time that he was the "leader" he was a darn good one. Almost always there to get you out of a tough spot.

Gimli: Excellent fighter. His skills with an ax amaze me. And the fact that he was able to overcome the whole barrier thing between elves and dwarves and able to befriend Legolas is very nice.

Legolas: OMG!!!!!!!111!one!! Lagoles is so hawt!!!!111one TeEheE! xd Just kidding. He was the eyes and ears of the Fellowship. Sure, technically he accomplished the least of the fellowship, but that doesn't mean he didn't do anything. There were times that Legolas was almost crucial to what needed to be done. He's a skilled archer and the Fellowship needed one. I know Aragorn was able to fight with a bow and arrow as well, but he was more skilled with a sword.

Eh. I'll list non-fellowship member likings later. Too much to type... gonk

EDIT: That long list I made was not to say ALL that they did. I listed out the REASONS why I like those characters. Just pointing this out, because I've had someone ask me why I wrote what the people did instead of saying who my favorite was... sweatdrop
I use to love Legolas redface heart so much and Aragon. heart biggrin
I voted for Boromir, because I think he's under appreciated, and his death made me so sad sad
Out of the hobbits, my favorite is Merry (but I like Pippin better in the movie, probably because Merry didn't have a lot of chances to really shine -why the hell did they remove him swearing service to Theoden?)

EDIT: Dang, I should have voted for Merry xp He has no votes sad
I voted for Merry, but Pippin is also my favorite character. (Pippin doesn't need help with the votes. ;D)

{My favorite characters are Merry and Pippin. I dislike how they are so much alike, and look pretty stupid in the movies (even though it does make for some good comic relief on their expense). But I love them both. whee And you can't make me vote on the poll. But if Merry doesn't have any votes, I'll give mine to him.}
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I should have voted for "other" since my favorite character in the trilogy is Eowyn, but I was just thinking in terms of the Fellowship when I voted. sweatdrop

Guess who my favorite character in all of Tolkien's works is? wink
*points to username*

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