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Who is your favourite character?

Aragorn 0.20337343316228 20.3% [ 4835 ]
Boromir 0.022503575334399 2.3% [ 535 ]
Frodo 0.069655926642551 7.0% [ 1656 ]
Gandalf 0.12736603011693 12.7% [ 3028 ]
Gimli 0.056700597291158 5.7% [ 1348 ]
Legolas 0.28547993606461 28.5% [ 6787 ]
Merry 0.021914696727517 2.2% [ 521 ]
Pippin 0.06486077227223 6.5% [ 1542 ]
Sam 0.046142845124926 4.6% [ 1097 ]
Other 0.1020021872634 10.2% [ 2425 ]
Total Votes:[ 23774 ]
I love lord of the rings! My favorite character, ofcourse, is Aragorn. I think we should have costumes from the movie on Gaia Online. biggrin
It is just impossible to choose ONE character that is a favorite.

I loved following the story of the young man with all his doubts and fears come into this glory, and be crowned king.

I loved the story of a young boy who through friendship and love struggled to be the one who destroyed all that was bad forever, leaving the world in peace that everyone enjoyed.

I also loved the story of a lesser wizzard fighting the demon, dying, and coming back better and stronger, to kick some more arse.

I loved the story of two brothers who had a demented father, that they both loved, and one died for, and the other would have died for, if not for the intervention of some friends.

I loved the story of a young maiden, who lost everything - but found love in that loss - even though she could not keep it, and had to move on later. It was that love that brought her through for that time being.

So many stories told, and told well.......... who can choose?
so many good choices, but i think id have to go with Aragorn, with Gandalf, Merry, and Frodo close behind.
I also love Haldir! I used to have a crush on the actor, Craig Parker...but we broke up... crying lol.
heart heart I LOVE LEGOLAS AND ARAGON!! BOTH HOTTIES! blaugh redface 4laugh smile 3nodding biggrin xd redface heart
i'd go for mithrandir.
Do the wringwraiths or Sauron count?
In the movie Boromir was my favorite, but I think that was largely due to Sean Bean (why doesn't your name rhyme?!?)

However, in the book I'd have to go with Eowyn. Admittedly, she was cool in the movie too, she was just a lot stronger appearing in the book.

Also, in the book Eomer was pretty damn awesome too.
In the movie, WTF happened to his moustache? There was something seriously wrong with that facial hair. *shakes head sadly*
I love legolas the most only because his hot and second i like pipin, he is so funny better then his brother merry, wait are they brothers or best friends.

Not that much of a lord of the rings fan but my brother is, and now his collecting the small models, but they are so expensive do u know why? i wonder why, i mean some of them isn't even worth it, no offence.
Do the wringwraiths or Sauron count?
maniacsss....I like Pippin heart
myfav ledolas lol
wow there is so much good charicters in the lord of the rings. heck i love them all. heart but i guess the one that would be good to pick would be frodo, arwen, aragon, pip, merry. 4laugh
legolas is awesome. my favorite person would have to be gandalf because he's like the leader of the fellowship and his horse rocks smile

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