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I think it's cute sometimes but it's not quite my taste, like OTT is just too much for me, props to the lolitas that do pull it off well, though! Generally I just don't like how busy sweet can look, or the prints just don't strike me as something I want. I do really adore cute things though so I don't dislike all sweet, my taste is just a bit hit or miss for it!
Classic styles are usually more to my preference, but I think it would be fun to someday have maybe one or two sweet outfits if I found some I liked :3
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xd candy??? dose that count?? i looovvveeee candy!!!! lol i reallllyyyy dooooo!! do you? llama llama llama llama hahahahahahha im sooo hyper lmao
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srry jus tryin to get gold hahaha ninja
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Pink is very sweet. I do not mind baby blue with white and a hint of navy blue... depending on the style, it can be demanding or very adorable <3
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I like sweet and I actually sort of like OTT sweet sometimes, but most of the time I prefer "Old School" sweet.
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There are a lot of colors in sweet lolita other than just pink! Sax (light blue), Lavender, pale yellow, mint green, royal blue, red, white and black all make appearances pretty frequently. (The sweet section of my wardrobe, for example, is roughly half red, a quarter Royal blue & Sax and a quarter other colors (inc. lavender, white, pink and black).

As for annoying, I don't think someone's fashion choices really make them annoying or not annoying. I know a couple people who only wear sweet lolita, but I also know quite a few who wear more than one style (like classic and sweet, for example).

Honestly, if there are people do think that sweet lolita are annoying, it might be because a lot of younger lolita are drawn to sweet lolita (and wa-lolita for that matter) and they just are in different places right now as far as age goes and perhaps don't relate to each other (the sweet lolita and the one who finds sweet lolitas annoying, I mean) as well as they could.
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Sullen tinkerbell100
xd candy??? dose that count?? i looovvveeee candy!!!! lol i reallllyyyy dooooo!! do you? llama llama llama llama hahahahahahha im sooo hyper lmao


You aren't funny.
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Sullen tinkerbell100
srry jus tryin to get gold hahaha ninja

That's what the Chatter Box is for. Go there.
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Nazi Leech
Hello everyone~ Leech, here. And my question is, what are your opinions on Sweet Lolitas? In essence, a Sweet Loli technically loves just that- Sweets! Pink is also big among us. ^^ Anyway, voice your opinions here~

I love Sweet Lolita. I could never wear it in public, unless it was Halloween, or a costume party, because I am in my late 20s and I dont think it would be very socially acceptable. I love it regardless though. I wish I knew about Lolita fashion when I was younger smile
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I like sweet lolita and sometimes even OTT sweet. Sadly I don't really look good in common sweet colors such as baby pink & blue, mint green.All the pastell colors is just a nono sadly sad So OTT Sweet will not look good on me. I envy those who can pull it off

I just stick to slightly darker colors such as red... when I'm into sweet. Lately I've been more into classic lolita so I'll probably switch back and forth between these 2 styles more often.
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I personally love sweet, but not ott sweet. And I prefer with a darker theme like eyeballs and bats and things like that. And I prefer purples, blacks, and maybe a splash of pastels as long as the creepy theme is still there. :3

Nothing beats a cute bow with an eyeball. Or a frosted cookie ring with bat sprinkles! biggrin

My most favorite JSK ever: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mdjl25eAhK1qe1zcro1_400.jpg

;__; so wish I had had the funds to hop in on the preorder for them.
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I think sweet is cute and I like some of the prints. The other prints I'm like....eh....too much for me. Right now I'm just starting out so I'm not too sure about all these things but I have found a couple of things that I really like and I hope to buy so I can finally start wearing them. 4laugh
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I think it's cute (esp. old school), but it's definitely not for me.

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