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I think Lolitas are sweet and beautiful and I find nothing wrong in that if someone wants to be a Lolita. Everyone has the right to be themselves smile
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My favorite type of lolita next to classic and sailor. 3nodding

Oh, I love sailor. Sailor is adorable. Classic is cute too, but I just love sailor~ heart
I think the style is cuteeee 3nodding
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I think Lolitas are sweet and beautiful and I find nothing wrong in that if someone wants to be a Lolita. Everyone has the right to be themselves smile
Oh, wonderful opinion~! I think exactly the same thing. Being who want to be is a big, big part of being a lolita.
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The look is cute and filled with whimsy and happiness in my opinion. Personally I don't find it childish at all. These ladies just have a taste for the sweeter things in life. Nothing wrong with that. 3nodding
The sweeter styles are definitely more favored to me.

A lot of people dislikes it because sweet and especially OTT sweet/AP style can look very costume-y and childish, bordering on ageplayer-like.
I really don't mind that, though. I still like it.
Sweet Lolitas are beautiful <3 :3
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It's cute. :3 But I'm the type that likes wearing different types of other lolitas,
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I think it's really cute. I also think it can be kind of childish, but of course that depends on how it's done. I love seeing it, but prefer more mature styles for myself.
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I love oldschool sweet, but I can't say I'm into the current OTT trend. 3nodding
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Nazi Leech
Hello everyone~ Leech, here. And my question is, what are your opinions on Sweet Lolitas? In essence, a Sweet Loli technically loves just that- Sweets! Pink is also big among us. ^^ Anyway, voice your opinions here~

Might possibly be my favorite kind of lolita.
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i personally love sweet lolita a lot more than gothic lolita or wa-lolita. heart it's a much cuter style and my personality(personally) fits sweet loli more but my body and looks suit gothic loli more(sadness.) but all in all sweet lolita is the best lolita heart
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I love sweet lolita its like my life~
its just at the moment my wardrobe is very limited which is kind of getting on my nerves :<
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i love sweet lolita idk why but maybe it has some thing to do with me liking the color pink lol 4laugh but i also love all forms of lolita 3nodding

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