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Lonely Phantom

Lovely Mermaid Fantasy. I did one of these for the lolita zine my friends and I put together this summer. smile
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Starry Bunny Fantasy. Sounds like the name of a Porno movie. xD
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Beloved Friend

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Apparently I'm frilly vanilla princess yum_puddi
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Kawaii Lunatic

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Dreamy Vanilla Princess?
Lol that actually sounds quite good XD
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Lovely Vanilla Story~.
I'm more amused at a friend of mines', which would be Cute Kitten Journey.

... I say we should combine and become Whimsical Vanilla-chan.
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Feral Star

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Lovely Bear Princess XD
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Toothsome Gekko

Lolol. Dreamy Ice Cream Fantasy. xD
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Sparkly Cat

Milky Vanilla Journey

lol I just dont know. I'm lactose intolerant.
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Fashionable Member

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how do find yours? i want one surprised
Lovely cupcake Magic!
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Precious Vegetarian

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Milky Mermaid Night, sounds gothic to me!
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Profitable Businessman

how do find yours? i want one surprised

Read the image in the original post, it tells you how. It's like one of those facebook games.
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Lonely Gaian

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I'm either Cute Mermaid Party or Cute Mermaid Princess dramallama
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Kawaii Bunny

Dreamy Cupcake Fantasy.

I want to eat cupcakes now.
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Angelic Sweetheart

Dreamy Vanilla Fantasy.

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