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How was highschool for you *so far*?

Downright terrible... 0.2 20.0% [ 14 ]
Nothing special. 0.41428571428571 41.4% [ 29 ]
I had fun. 0.31428571428571 31.4% [ 22 ]
IT WAS TOTALLY RAD LIKE ,AFJMG 0.071428571428571 7.1% [ 5 ]
Total Votes:[ 70 ]
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I cried the whole class period.

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I hate whenever I need to cry during class.
If one person sees, you notice,
then the rest see,
and then you start to not be able to hold
it and someone asks you if you're alright
and BOOM.
The waterworks begin.
I'm sorry that teacher did that.
I hate it when teachers yell at me in class; I never get yelled at. :'<
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I dunno if you want me to tell you mine, but oh well haha.

My favourite teacher is my current grade 11 English teacher. He's super kickass. He helped me prank my best friend last week and we just finished watching the Matrix in his class on Friday. I can honestly say that I've never had such a great class. I think he's teaching my Digital Media class next semester, too. He also plays guitar so he rocks out on his (acoustic, lol) guitar in class sometimes, and performed for us a couple weeks ago after we finished our speeches. Let's just say I've never laughed so hard at 'Rolling in the Deep' before, oh god.

My worst teacher? That's easy. I had this b***h of a teacher in my 7th and 8th grade years. She was my main teacher (we had a weird school system) so I was exclusively in her class for both those years. She hated me and wanted to make my life miserable. She put me in lower math groups so that I would not learn what I needed to learn, and now I probably can't go work at NASA like I want to. She told me I'd never pass high school and that I was fat. My brother had her for grade 7 as well, before she was fired just before his grade 8 year. His birthday happened to fall on one of the bonding trips every year, and she wouldn't let him eat his own cake because she claimed he would get too fat.
She was a ******** b***h, and I hate her guts.
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Conservative Consumer

Most Favorite: Mr.Molohon. He's one of those teachers that have a passion for what they're teaching, so he makes it fun. That, and some days he'd leave us to wander the hallways to collect definitions, and that was nice. Oh, and he had "Molohon moments" where, it had three riddles, and one joke that you solved before class. So sorry that he only taught 9th grade science.

Least Favorite: Mr.Nordberg. He wasn't a highschool teacher, but he treated me like s**t ever since I had to correct him during class. He made me out to look like a little brat, and was just a total douche. He also made a girl cry because she forgot to bring in her project.
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Honestly, I don't have a real favorite. Unfortunately, I never really got close to any of my professors. This is a bad thing. I did have a lot of amazing professors from whom I learned a lot.

My least favorite was this dude from the midwest who sounded like a *****. He taught Chem, another reason to hate him. Then there was my art history prof who looked like James Spader (who creeps me out). And he'd dim the lights in class too, man, some creepy stuff.
It's hard for me to choose a favorite teacher. D; I'm lucky and I've had some damned good teachers. They were all just generally teachers who I knew were actually caring during my high school years and genuinely wanted to help their students. One that stands is Miss Odie just 'cause she was 23 at her first year teaching and she had to deal with my horrible classes. xD; She maintained sanity!
Also worth mentioning my English 102 teacher just because his theme is Batman and that's ******** awesome. 4laugh

Worst teacher to this date is my Social Science 101 teacher. 84 years old, still very clearly racist, and I learned nothing. We spent 2-3 weeks discussing a paper that had nothing to do with the class. He kept changing his mind on what he wanted. My paper sounds like I was on drugs while writing it.
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BEST TEACHER- Has to be Mr. Illg. He taught music, horticulture and woodshop. gave me free soup AND pop, let me nom away at the edible plants, stuff like that. One time he chased a kid with the hose because he flipped him off. He lost his thumb to a jigsaw in my sophomore year and got it sewn back on.

WORST TEACHER- Ugh. Mr. Stanek. He was amusing, sure, (he was a huge nerd) but he never helped me when I needed it the most and I ended up almost failing his class because of it. Imagine my surprise when I ended up with him IN MY PARTY ON AN MMO.
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My favourite teacher has to be my Tech teacher because he praises me for everything I do right.
My least favourite had to be my French teacher, because she didn't truly care about her students, she'd just dismiss them and that was it.
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I don't really have a favourite teacher, so I'm just going to tell something about my least favourite teachers.
Her name was some obnoxiously long and hard to spell name I don't remember, and she was my teacher in 7th grade. She taught science, but we didn't learn anything because all we did was take stupid tests to find out how we learned(which she obviously didn't use for anything) and watch her dumb videos about this model car race thing she won once and bragged about all the time. There was an instance very early in the year when she was teaching about DNA, where she didn't know what DNA stood for, and asked the class. I knew it, there had been a poster very clearly saying "DEOXYRIBONUCLEIC ACID" above a drawn image of the double helix commonly associated with DNA in my 4th grade class. I raised my hand to tell her, and when I did, she yelled at me, "No one asked you!" Mind you, I hadn't been disrespectful, I was simply answering a question. Moving on. Around a week later, the class was separated into groups. My group was talking about some new game, and everyone was being loud, so I was attempting to be relevant and talk over them. She stopped everyone talking, at which point she yelled "Now if Mica[me] would stop screaming about her stupid game, I can tell you what you're supposed to do." with an obvious glare at me. Later on, there was a student who had a question, which they blurted out rather than asking her directly with the usual hand raise and such. I was sitting behind them, and answered. She glared at me again and wrote me up for talking out of turn. We had to do current events papers for the class, in cursive, five paragraphs, with the articles attached. I had turned mine in, and it was totally perfect. I had stayed up half the night to complete it(writer's block). She showed it to the class later with a bright red F on it because I hadn't highlighted the article, which we hadn't been told to do anyway. And the final in-class incident. We had to keep folders in a specific order for her class, and, being disorganized due to ADD, she called me in during her 8th grade class to fix it(everyone else fixed theirs during class earlier, she told me to hold mine though), and made me sit in the front of the class, and asked her 8th graders if anyone could help me, using my full(first and last) name. I felt like crying every time I went in there. I left to cry in the bathroom at least five times that year. She called home that night to ask if I had ever been taught anything before, pushed at my family situation(which was awful as it is, my dad had died about two months before school), and if I had been "civilized". I left the school, with my mother leaving a nasty note to the teacher, and later won a shitton of money for my new school by winning a science fair.

So yeah. She kickstarted the bullying for that year and caused a lot of my self esteem issues and depression with her bitchyness. The school never responded to us and she still teaches there.

And most recently, my 10th grade teacher, Ms Fall. She constantly corrected students with the wrong corrections("No, sweetie, it's y-o-u-r, not -y-o-u-'-r-e, "Your acting crazy""), and for our Romeo and Juliet projects, she made us watch up to the wedding scene of the Leonardo Dicaprio version, then had us write an essay on the theme of the movie(she didn't even mention it was a play or a script/book at all, we didn't read any of it), then moved on. She told us that we were wrong if we thought it was about anything but Family, and told me that Benvolio wasn't a character when I mentioned him in my essay ಠ_ಠ
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Favourite} It's a tie between two of my current history teachers at university. One of them no longer actively teaches me, but he has always said to his students that his door is always open for a talk on anything, be it formal discussions or just someone to rant at. Plus, it's always amusing hearing him speak French in his Irish accent. As for the other teacher, he's heavily into ancient history like I am, so we have before now exchanged tidbits of related news in say, magazine or internet articles if we think it will of interest to the other party. He's cool to relax with too.

Least favourite} Man, hard to say. Probably a supply teacher I had about six or seven years ago. She accused me of something I didn't do, so I decided to (genuinely) apologise. She thought I was being facetious neutral But we called her "Mrs Doubtfire" and even overheard some of the teachers accidentally using that nickname as well lol

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