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Watch, in time the generation you provide as being full of whores now, will eventually cast the same accusations on the generation following them. Each generation seems to wear clothing and engage in actions which, though the norm to them, had been held by the previous as being outrageous.
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the girls who act like leggings are the new tight jeans.

Nobody seems to understand that it's really ******** comfortable emotion_donotwant
And it's practically the same thing as yoga pants, except the bottom is tight instead of flared
I have a pair of tight leggings that are pretty thick and have a cotton lining
o -o

You cannot wear pants over those, except in the dead of winter, else your entire lower half is going to stink of sweat and mold
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i kinda agree, im on a different online game too and girls always hit on guys on that one except i always find out that theyre 8 to 10 years old and want to know if i want to avi sex (write down what ur doing to the avatar).
I find that disgusting when its that young a girl doing that cry
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frost got ban again
No, young people have always been whores. It's just the media is pushing it so hard and people are pushing so hard for "freedom" that dress codes aren't really being enforced anymore.
people can wear what ever they want, if you dont wanna see it dont look
I never said otherwise, a*****e.
I am the last person you need to tell that. I'm goth/punk/alternative and dress like I'm Satan's buttbuddy. I could not give ******** if a 12 year old is dressed like a prostitute.
That made me giggle.
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it's no better than guys walking around with underwear hanging out and you don't see as many complaints about those. If you don't like it, it doesn't mean you have the right to force it on other people. Personally, I don't dress like that, but I also don't really care about the general population that does a whole lot more things that I do not do. If they behave whorelike whilst wearing that clothing, than that's another concept altogether. I don't like people that can't understand why humans are different than all the other animals.

Exactly. It's no better then men walking around in underwear. I've only seen one man walk aroudn in his underwear in public and the cops escorted him away.
I'm not enforcing anything, just stating what I've noticed.
I don't care what people wear, I'm just shocked at the age in which society finds it ok for girls to wear fishnets, booty shorts, and clevage tops.

not hanging out that way. hanging out like "i'm available prison style" hanging out. better hope that one doesn't catch on with the ladies or you'd be going ballistic

Oh my god. Sooooo many people wear their shorts/pants like that. I already am going ballistic over that. It's not just men that wear pants like that, I've seen plenty women that do as well.

maybe you should just move here
most hipsters keep all their clothes on razz

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