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I'd respect them.
However, we'd talk about it. I'd tell them that I'd masturbate and do whatever I needed to give myself pleasure, like using toys or watching porn.

Although if they gave me that crap of me not being allowed to watch porn or using toys because they'd feel that's "cheating" or if they were "saving themselves for marriage", I'd break it off.
Otherwise we'd be wasting our time.
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I'd respect it...however, if they say years from now....we're gonna have a problem.
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It seems I would be the only one who would be fine with never having sex.
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It would suck in the beginning but I would probably get used to them not wanting to have sex and just accept it. It's not like I can force myself on them so I'll just wait and be happy with the relationship.
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Considering I can handle four years of no sex in a relationship, yeah, I think I can handle it. I'm surprised my boyfriend can.
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I wouldn't date a girl who wasn't already sexually active or at least willing to be in the first place.

If I found out after the fact, I would try to end it amicably. It's a dealbreaker for me.
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                  I wouldn't mind.
                  It's just awesome that my fiance and I had sex on one of our first three dates LOL.

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To be honest I wouldn't be in a relationship with a guy if he didn't want to do it. I have needs that need to be taken care of. emotion_donotwant

No; though I think eventually I'd get frustrated about it.
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It depends. If they want to wait like more than a year then that just isn't happening. If they want to wait until marriage, I will literally not date them. But, whatev, that's just my prerogative.
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Sex isn't important to me. I think it's just cruel to expect someone to do what they are not ready for just because of some urges you have. We are civilised being and our instincts do not control us (besides maybe breathing xD).
I would respect their point of view and their opinion. I know that's what I did with my girlfriend and we waited till we were both ready.

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