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Would you complain if you were ready for sex and your girlfriend/boyfriend wasn't?
Or would you respect her/his point of view?

I'd like to hear your opinions. c:
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King Cutie-Pie

            I would respect it as long as they didn't mind that I'd have toys to satisfy myself with until they were ready.
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Lonely Phantom

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"No, she would be the boss of me anyway."
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Literally none of my past girlfriends wanted to have sex until marriage, and yes, I respected that. Even though it was a bit of a bummer.
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Adored Admirer

I would not complain.
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When they are ready, that will be the time. I would never complain about something somebody just isn't ready for. neutral
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Hallowed Wench

Yes I would complain. Long past are the days that I will settle on jerking it just because someone has hangups about sex. Chances are the b***h is going to leave me anyways, might as well get mine while I can.
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I can go without sex. I would be perfectly fine if they didnt feel ready.

With my current boyfriend, it was like he was ready mentally, but his d**k just wasnt having it for a while. It was frustrating, but we did it eventually and he found his natural talent. It was his first time.
I just feel it would not be right trying to push that other person into something they are not ready for.
II Earl Grey II
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"No, she would be the boss of me anyway."
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who did your avi art?
Nope, I would just dump them.
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Id leave their a**.
I'd wait and respect it, depending on the reason. If they don't want sex ever and only want a romantically emotional relationship, however, then I don't see it working out.

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