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I've been beaten, manipulated, abused and raped. I don't wear my past as a red badge of courage, rather I move on with life. Moving forward is all you can do. Living in the past and complaining all the time about whats happened is a waste of time. It neither helps you, nor propels you forward in life.

There is always someone out there worse off than you. No one wants to admit this because we want to lick and nurse our wounds and get sympathy from others. Unfortunately the world doesn't care, and the world didn't care when I tried to commit suicide after my rape. Life is the real school of hard knocks.

Be glad you have what you have and thank whatever deity that it could be worse.
I want to make an adventure out of my life. :] To be able to look back 40 years from now and go "Lolz. Now that's what I'm talking about."
My story, condensed version:

Born an unwanted child to parents who used a condom and birth control. Father hated me for being born, since he didn't want me, and abused me until he died when I was six years old. Mother died when I was 16, I developed schizophrenia shortly after and was kept in a hospital for a while. Cousin tried twice to rape me, got really close the second time. Got into an abusive long-distance relationship, which included cheating and other things. He lost interest and dumped me for the other girl.

But now? I have a wonderful boyfriend who loves me unconditionally, and who I shall marry soon, I'm medicated and stable, and I'm doing very well. Life always gets better after the storm of tragedy. heart
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Yes. Ususally people who complain about life are depressed and I heard there are 3 things they recommend:
1. Getting enough sleep
2. Exercise
3. Doing something good for someone else.

And I can already tell you most people don't get the first two in our culture. The 3rd one varies person to person. But usually, if I'm depressed, I just do that and it's all ok. Because, as you said, there's people out there with worse problems.
No one is going to get you out of depression but your self. they might help you but if you whant to stay in there is up to you. And well if you are paralyzed(forgive my bad spelling) then in a sence it would be like getting killed, you really CANT do anything about it. So to all of thouse that CAN and dont, think about it and move forward.
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My goodness. I am amazed by your insightfulness. That post was amazing.
And It's true. Life DOESN'T suck. Why should we believe that it sucks? We have food, water, shelter, and not to mention a computer that we can play Gaia on.

If you go on sulking and whining about how much your life sucks, you will miss all the wonderful opportunities to make your life BETTER. Anything is possible if you believe in yourself and remember that pain will make you a stronger person.

I've been through a lot. I'm in the lovely world of middle school, where reputation matters a lot. The "in" crowd decided they hate me just because I don't like McDonalds and KFC. A girl who I was best friends with for years, ditched me just because I was unpopular. I only have 3 friends now.

I've been through much of the traumas and drama of middle school. I allow myself to feel sad for a while, but then I open up and realize that every that is happening is making my stronger and more confident in myself. I realize that the "popular" kids are really the insecure ones. And I know that no matter what, my life will never suck. I am lucky to have control over my life. I'm not anorexic, desperate to be popular, or a cutter.
i dont think life sucks. i think that some peoplea re hit hard but they should still make the most of it. you also have to thin kof the fact that some people have to deal with abuse. thats hard. some people dont have friends. i didn't untill sixth grade. thats when i got a friend that was a girl. in fifth grade i was the only girl in my class. then that friend introdused me to her best friend that happened to be a boy that just happened to like me. then when odyssey of the mind started we were all on the same team. well we started going out and i realized that you just have to try hard to make friends. he's my best friend in the whole world and i can tell him anything but he doesn't know it.
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We solve our problems sometimes RPing. I kno it sounds absolutely retarted or somethin but it helps sometimes. I know it did help me mrgreen
Yeah, losing my mom at age seven, having a verbally abusive and neglectful father treat me like s**t or just ignore me until I was raped at 15, then having him try to be a good father, give up at that and go back to his old ways, fast forward a bit here, losing a baby and then finding out my husband has cancer a few weeks later makes life WONDERFUL compared to typical collage issues.
Very good post. Life goes on. Yeah, sure, you'll miss people who die, cry at their funeral and such, but the next day you have to go back to your normal life. That's always been my thing (the thing you posted): No matter how bad you have it, someone else has it worse.

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