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hate is too much baggage
I say suck it up and deal with it. And yes, I have had a few ******** up things. Between the three times my dad has attempted to murder me, to every OTHER thing that's happened and my six OTHER near death expireinces.

All it's done is made me more determined to get stronger, I learned to cope with the things that hit me, and I learned to realise that yes, there ARE others out there that have it so much worse than I could imagine.
Live your life the way that makes the unsolvable problems in your life worth living through. That is the closest thing to a solution.
My point is this. Somewhere out there in the world, I bet there is someone that had that happen to them. But at the same time I bet at least one of them is still enjoying life somehow, even if the rest of us wouldn't think anyone could have that kind of strength.

And the lesson that this teaches is not that we must be happy else we fail in life. I think it teaches that you can be happy even if bad things are happening to you.

You also raise a good point. Look how god damned lucky we are that we havn't been put through that.

I suffered from being a manic depressive from my grade 4 right up to my grade 11. I learned the truth to happiness wasn't to have a good life, but to understand that you choose whether or not your life is good. We can always complain and have something to be sad about, but that doesn't mean we should.
I've living.
I'm experiencing all these things in this world.
Thats why life doesn't suck for me.
I had an awful time at school... It seriuosly did me some emotional damage...

But when I joined college, I realised that the bad times made me appreciate how nice college was... And the people who had been to nice schools and had been protected from all the bad things STILL couldn't cope with little things...

Bad parts in your life will pass... But they will stick with you forever... And will let you appreciate small, beautiful things more easily... Always focus on the nicest parts of your day... They are the most subtle, and the sweetest.

Small things today that made me happy:
Old woman smiling
Bus driver
VERY pretty, popular girls complimented me
Pretty scenery
Remembering something nice
Eating biscuits on a windowsill
Someone took an interest in my life
The cat looked very cute
I had a genious idea
I felt I've done good work today

And today was a less than average day... It's so easy to just take a little more notice of good things...

Anna Tsuchiya - "If we never knew sorrow, how could we know what is the happiness?"
ribbit ribbit
hate is too much baggage

So is revenge and holding grudges.
aww that's sad
humm.. dude get your own ideia!! pif..
The best thing that happened to me today - I made people smile. It gives me far more warmth to see other people happy than it does for something good to happen tome. On the flip side of the coin, It pains me more to see others sad than it does for bad stuff to strike me. As long as I have a morsel of love for Gaia left in me, and my amazing friends by my side, this world can't tear me apart. I feel indestructible, and impervious to heartache whilst I have people smiling around me. Love, friendship, and happinessare what really count in this life. If tragedy strikes, get up, and smile. Others around you will be spurred on by your bravery, and the happiness will spread. In turn, this will lift your spirit to no end. Get on with it.
Nicely put.

My entire life thus far has been ups and downs of good and terrible, and I can still be happy and content. I'm not suicidal, or manic depressive. I have anxiety issues, but that's different, and not my point.

My point is that I appreciate every curve ball life throws at me, because let's face it, if life was perfect, it would be boring as Hell. We learn, grow, and expand from our hardships, and we should learn to accept them, because they shape us.

When something crappy happens to you, just hug someone or something really tight, realize that the Earth is gonna keep spinning no matter what, and that life is just testing you. It makes things feel better.

Life is so worth living. whee

-Evilsmileyface666 >: )
The way I see it, I don't have any "reason" to live.

But I'm not depressed over it...I just don't logically see a "bigger picture" that life fits into.

I think some people are naturally more happy than others.

My life is wonderful. I'm not rich but my parents love me. I can talk to them. I have friends that care about me. I care about them. I work enough that i get good grades, but I take time to relax and draw and read.

I think everyones life and emotions can be illustrated by a sine graph. There are always ups and downs, but some ups and downs are more extreme and the periods between them are closer together.

Personally, my sine graph doesn't go below 0 and the periods are very close together, but my lows aren't very low.

Er, sorry...I've just been studying for my precalc test...about sines and cosines and tangents and stuff like that...Also didn't explain my point very well....*heh*
*btw I'm usually ridiculously hyperactive...even when I don't have mountain dew*
And the lesson that this teaches is not that we must be happy else we fail in life. I think it teaches that you can be happy even if bad things are happening to you.

I agree, it's not the lows that define you but that you were able to bring yourself back up. I've always used the bad experiences as bringing meaning to the happy ones.

Though about the complaining thing. I've never thought of it (to a certain level) as a bad thing. Sometimes just telling someone what happened and why you're upset releases it. Aslong as it's not the "I want to die because my life sucks." type of complaining.
*claps* very well done, it's so rare to meet people who aren't mindlessly bitching about there lives, i hate that!! cudos to you!!
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Yus. n.n
I used to be totally emo-ish. Then I saw not only was that dragging me down but others as well. So I tried to smile more and make jokes to people and I started feeling lot better and its nice seeing people around you get happier as well. But still you can't just go "Isn't life grand?" all the time, you have to face your problems.. Nyerr. [/ramble ramble]

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