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I cringe every time I have to climb six flights of stairs to get to my class on a Monday morning. Not because i'm 'unfit' because I feel like i'm gonna have a serious asthma attack when I get to the top. Yay bad asthma...
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Pft. I'm 17, and I don't complain like that. My job requires me to stand, run around, and carry trays full of food for 7+ hours at a time. Then again, I did grow up with the last generation of kids who actually played outside...

That's what I blame it all on. I used to ride my bike, play basketball, and play in the mud all the time. When I got thirsty, I drank from the hose or my neighbor's sprinkler. Now kids just sit inside, watching TV, while their moms get them "healthy" filtered water, while their immune systems get weaker and weaker due to a lack of vitamin C and good old antibodies. Not to mention those same parents are too lazy to make a good, old fashioned meal to feed their kids, and instead choose to take them to restaurants because it's blame kids for not being more active, but I also look at the parents and wonder how the hell they let their kid get that fat in the first place.
Technology is meant to make our lives easier. Now we just totally depend on it.
Evolution of technology, so activities and work have moved indoors, and become sedentary activity. We're not used to physical activity the way previous generations were, so we have to actually make time for exercise. The trouble is, we're expected to work all day, and by the end, we're too exhausted to make a healthy meal or exercise, so we gain weight.

Societal factors are powerful.
every generation has something to complain about. I complain about stuff my mom makes fun of me for.
but I do agree that people shouldn't complain about, say, walking across a parking lot to get their groceries or walking up one flight of stairs. but I hear that from just as many people over 30... I see perfectly healthy 30-40 year olds circle parking lots 3-4 times, waiting for that spot 4 spaces closer to the front door. it's not just kids.
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yum_tea I don't do stairs unless I'm at Dragon*Con. Stairs are boring. All you see is walls and inclined, terraced flooring. I'd rather walk a few miles at the park or play a few hours of DDR to get my exercise, those are much more interesting.
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How anyone under the age of 30 should not be complaining within 2 minutes of physical exercise.
30? Try 70-80. With the technology we have, there's no reason people can't stay reasonably fit for their whole life.

Why our generation is extremely unhealthy
People are swine.

The look of disgust and confusion you get when you hear young people whining and exasperating for breath after physical exercises such as - light walking, jogging, and walking up stairs
I imagine them doing it with my 40 lbs. backpack on their back. There's a reason I'm arrogant: being a hunter in a world crawling with prey will do that to you.

Remember when people back in the day were good looking? Its because they ate right and weren't intimidated by exercise
Yes, an age when scars were something to be proud of, not acquired during surgery, and when people were too tough to cry about pain. I heard somebody sobbing earlier because somebody stepped on their hand- they were fine a few minutes later, but when they thought the other kid would get in trouble?
It's pathetic. Next time, he should get his hand run through a mill stone- learn what pain really is.
I don't see why complaining is a problem. A lot of people when they are at my age complain a lot. I'm real lazy in the morning, I mean. It's the morning? I'm not a morning person. I'm not obese or overweight or anything. I have good grades. So I don't see what's the big deal. We can complain when we want.
What... the... ********...
1.Yes if I stand for 30 minutes I will feel tired but I wont complain.
2.I like stairs better than elevators.
3. I like whole grains. I should be eating more though. Empty calories not so much although today I did eat cookie dough and ugly cookies for dinner.
4. Yeah we are really lazy. Back in teh 1930s people used to spend whole days in line, works crazy hours on little food. As a society we eat too much and don't do enough work.

Why is our generation is extremely unhealthy?

-Life is easy

The look of disgust and confusion you get when you hear young people whining and exasperating for breath after physical exercises such as light jogging, walking up stairs, etc

- I'm indifference. I mean its just laziness.

Remember when people back in the day were good looking?

- huh
It all depends on how you were brought up. If you lived your entire life eating bleached flower and taking the elevator your going to forsake different things. this is not a new thing though.... just think, people once complained about things like listening to a record player instead of the radio or wearing dresses instead of jeans and the like....
Adults are some of the worst offenders, actually. Young people learn it from them.

Personally it's a joy for me to stand for 2+ hours. All I do all day is ******** sit. I'm glad when I have to stand to do something.
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Yes, an age when scars were something to be proud of, not acquired during surgery

Hello Tony Montana, if only you weren't fictional. crying

I don't get the reference. ._.

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