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can you bend a spoon effortlessly?
I've watched video's and gone on websites half the people commenting said they followed the instructions and done it and the other half said its baloney


now that spoon bending thing posted there in that site was pretty long ago so i cant contact anyone there but i want to know if anyone here on gaia can

personally i want to think it works but me and my spoon are getting nowhere ..fast. =/

but anyways try it out if you want have fun ..if you can
This is not the matrix.
If you want to bend a spoon, use your hands.
If you are in a college dining hall, bend every spoon you use. It's obligatory. And funny.
Spoon benders do.
lol its fake anybody can bend a spoon and take a pic of it
bending a spoon with your fricken head? rofl
well you would think it wasn't real but what kind of satisfaction do you get from lying to everyone about bending a spoon. I certainly wouldn't go and start worshiping this person i'd only be interested to see if i can do it myself =]
Just remember: There is no spoon.
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I bent my spoon when I tried scooping frozen ice cream with it.
Bridget B
I bent my spoon when I tried scooping frozen ice cream with it.

Definitely done that.

Personally, at best, I think spoon bending is a magic trick. My mother worked with a guy who got some sort of device patented for magicians which allowed them to bend real silverware just by shaking it a little. I have no idea how it worked, but a similar device might be in application here. Maybe a little electrode up the sleeve that inputs a current, making the metal soft and allowing a slight wrist movement to make it bend.

It just all seems like a hoax to me.
my brother bent a spoon when he was angry.
That would be pretty sweet... not gunna lie. ^_^
Aiko Berry Pop
Just remember: There is no spoon.

End of thread.
My brother says he has before.
omfg !!!!! the instruction todally worked i read the in structions an hour ago so im like what the hell ill give it a try i focused and belived and when i bent it it was like bending cloth yes i used my hands but the spoon was like cloth or paper it was so freaking wierd!!!!

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