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when should thy

14-15 0.071428571428571 7.1% [ 5 ]
16-17 0.25714285714286 25.7% [ 18 ]
18-21 0.42857142857143 42.9% [ 30 ]
after college 0.24285714285714 24.3% [ 17 ]
Total Votes:[ 70 ]
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I said 16-17 but with only highly use of protection ALWAYS!!!
sex is great but you should wait trust me! biggrin
Wait till you and your partner knows what sex actually is. Meaning all the consequences including not only the chance that you'll get a kid if you don't know the different ways to practice it safely, but also the stds and the emotion about it. Plus, knowing about different positions and how to actually please the opposite sex makes it SOOOO much more enjoyable than just a guy putting his p***s in a v****a and that's it.
Has no one mentioned love yet? Loose it when you're in love with someone and they're in love with you too. Wait for a while so that you have an understanding between the two of you. It'll be worth remembering then.
It's really quite SIMPLE.

gonk exclaim question
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Wait until after college. I mean seriously, is sex even worth having? Doesn't even sound appealing.
you should start having sex only if you could support your self. just in case you got your partner pregnant..
Wait until your ready first.

And don't go out with girls just in the hope of getting a shag - that's both shallow and retarded.

Just don't rush into it, wait til the right person comes along, and until you're both ready.

And for God's sakes people, use a damn condom!
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Wait until your ready first.
Just don't rush into it, wait til the right person comes along, and until you're both ready.

I agree on this part!!
first,,,how old are you? just curious, SEX, SEX, SEX why are you even thinking about it? i think you need to keep your mind occupied in something else than sex! besides sex is like nuthn. now there's a big difference between sex and love. there's so much more than just sex. are you ready? are you stable? are you mature? have you thought about stds? of the consequences? are you emotionally ready? do you have a good paying job that you can support if the girl should become pregnant? having a baby is a life time commitment. that's why there's so many dead beat dads and children having children because they dont think with their head. also girls end up getting welfare which is taxpayers money because simply they did not think about the consequences. what do you have to offer? it's not like ok i need to have sex, ok ima find a girl to have sex with. i probably did not make any sense. this just got me kinda pissed off. just having this forum. i just hope you really think about it before doing anything stupid!
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There is no general age to start having sex. The correct answer is "When the person thinks that they are ready and can deal with the consequences of such an action." Since anyone under the age of 15 can't get a job (thereby not being able to provide for nay children that result), this stops people under 16 from doing it.

Enough of these threads already.
whenever you feel ready
I personally think they should wait until *whatever* schooling they want to do is done. If that's after high school, fine. After college? Better. Of course, that's not realistic to expect from people other than myself, since they have no control, so I'd say the 18-21. Before then, your mind and body are still developing, so you should wait.
Sex isn't just about having sex for some. Sex can be a number of different things-- boring and mindless, intense and connecting, and so on. Of course it feels good but you have to understand that emotionally it can be overwhelming too... Gotta wake up next to them, ya know.
Plus, if you get some STD's that's one thing to consider as well as the possibility of kids (if that's your sexual preference).
I waited until I was eighteen and I'm glad I did. I loved the guy and still talk to him even though we aren't together. I think when you're ready, you should go with it. Don't take sex too lightly... too beautiful and scary a thing to.

1. You're able to deal with a child
2. You have money to support yourself & your girlfriend along with the child
3. Taking a risk of having STDs, HIV, AIDs, genital warts, herpes etc.

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