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do you like your dad?

parents divorced: yes 0.17391304347826 17.4% [ 8 ]
parents divorced: no 0.08695652173913 8.7% [ 4 ]
parents together: yes 0.23913043478261 23.9% [ 11 ]
parents together: no 0.10869565217391 10.9% [ 5 ]
both my parents suck 0.15217391304348 15.2% [ 7 ]
who the hell cares?? 0.23913043478261 23.9% [ 11 ]
Total Votes:[ 46 ]
i love/hate my dad. he was alwayse my favorite parent growing up. he embraced the fact that im not girly. he built models with me, took me to the beach, and related to me in ways my mom never could. he was my hero.

in fifth grade, my parents broke up. i didnt realy know why then, (i was little still, ya know?) but my dad was addicted to drugs. he did them in his car, and the friend of his that alwayse came over to work on the house was his supplier. that was why my mom left.

well, i didnt know that then. i just knew that my mom, who i wasn't that close to, was abandoning my hero. i hated her. i was always on dads side. i even told my mom one morning that my sister could stay with her, and i could stay with dad. then it would be equal. for about a year after my dad finaly mooved out, i still stuck with my dad. i had to see both my parents, but i hated my mom and she hated me. "i was just like my father" i was alwayse happier when i was with my dad.


poor, european, hot, a whore, here illegaly, and needing someone to mooch off, she found my dad. both being christian, they got together. met at church and everything... for her, i guess, dad got even more religious. my sis and i had to meet the the stepsiblings... (3 of them crying ) and eventualy they got married. well, not eventualy, almost emediately. and shes evil. im not girly eanough, im too messy, im not proper.... aaaah!!!! and my dad fell into it too. suddenly, my dad says i should cut my hair because i didnt keep it neat eanough when it was long. then, it was to short and i looked like a stupid boy. then, i didnt wear eanough floral print, pink anything.

insult, after insult, from the person i looked up to most. i soon began to rebell... wear grey, burn makeup, do what i wanted with how i looked and acted. i soon began fealing closer to my mom. and one day i wasnt "christian eanough". "i was just like my mom".

he has completely changed. science, and all the projects he helped me with, was against god. all the shows we watched, the adams family, the munsters, was promoting satan. i dressed like a devil worshiper, i didnt got church at moms? oh my god, you horrible child, convince her right now to take you! its like he thinks im possesed

my dad is gone now. if anyone is possesed, its him. and hes been possesed by god. a christian zombie. (im not against god, im just aginst my dad being brainwashed by... whoever) theres only a walking bible, prejedous preacher, left of him. i cant talk to him, with out my friend being a demon rapeist because hes gay. my favorite movies being evil influences. my grades make me less of a person.

i hate this new ******** up him. but... whenever i look at him... i remember us doing stuff when i was little, and i know i love him. i miss him, yet i cant stand to see him.

i dont know what to do. i havent seen him in two months were supposed to see each other once a month, but its been two months, no dad. should i try to reconect with him? call him, and see what happened? or should i just let him go away, because seeing him like this alwayse hurts. what should i do????
hey i feel the same way about my parents except filp what happened around to my mom being the addict
Let him go.

It's obvious he isn't the same person you looked up to anymore, and frankly it doesn't sound like he deserves your respect. Someone who does nothing but ridicule you and put down your friends and interests isn't worth the effort needed to connect with.

If he approaches you trying to patch things up, tell him right out that he's changed. And make sure he knows he needs to change back before you can really love him again. It might sound harsh now, but it's the truth.
If we sleep together...

^^ What he said up there ^^

Would you be my friend forever?
I'd leave him becuz he's not the same person he was before, and it's like he doesn't even care about u anymore. Ur stepmom seems really mean and that's definitely not a good thing. I'm actually closer to my mom than my dad so if it seems like ur dad is not even caring about u I'd probably go live with my real mom
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sounds like quite the dilemma yo
Let's see I hate my father with a passion. Both my mom and I have TROs against him. Not only that but I am in my 20's he is in his 60's and got a ******** whore my age pregnant. Oh great! Who knows how many half siblings I have out there but this? I flipped s**t, because the whore is due when I am and my father should be locked up for not paying the money awarded to my mom by the courts when they divorced,
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I hate my dad with a burning passion. He and I don't talk anymore. We act as though neither one exists. I like it that way. But living at home sucks. I can't wait to have enough money to move out.
Have you tried having an honest conversation with him about this?
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I feel terrible reading this... I can't believe your father got brainwashed and is now destroying everything that made you guys so close. sad

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Better for him to be addicted to Jesus than addicted to drugs.
Try talking it out with him. If he won't listen, don't spend time with him. Tell him exactly why you won't spend time with him if he asks. Not in a super emotional way, but up front and neutral, like, 'I don't appreciate the way you treat me so I will not be seeing you this month'. Easy-peasy.
Maybe the two of you just need some space? He's still your dad, but he is just being a dumbass right now. My mom did the same to me when she remarried. Neither of my parents were great to me though. But your dad won't always be around and hate is a heavy burden. This past September my dad passed away. He was an abusive, manipulative, alcoholic and I hated him so much for it. But in the end it's just best to let it go.

TLDR He's your dad. He may be a moron right now but he'll come around. There's no sense in hating him.
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I'd just leave him. I'm sure one day he'll wake up and see whats happened, then its up to him to make things right with you.

My dads been a s**t dad my whole life, even when I was still in the womb.
I honestly wish he'd ******** off and left us a long time ago.
It hurts more than he's still married to my mother, lives with us all, and doesn't give a ********.

I'm so glad I moved out.

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