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Just sitting here on gaia, and started wondering what all you gaians use to get your fix.

Is it food, heroine, marijuana, exercise, sex, pharmaceuticals, or what?

Let's all discuss our favorite drugs.

Here, I'll go first - my drug of choice is marijuana.
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Right now, NyQuil.
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Dapper Phantom

Earl Grey tea.

On a more serious note, I only like weed and booze. I will not ever touch hard drugs. I am underweight and at a huge risk for dying/overdosing on hard drugs.
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Partying Prophet

I really really really like ecstasy and cocaine. I'm lucky I don't have connections to get them regularly or I'd be a total addict.

But my usual go to drugs of choice are vodka and cigarettes.
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Tipsy Codger

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Golden Fairy

I honestly don't know at this point.
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Vicious Warlord

Right now it's sobriety... Before my OD it was hallucinating hardcore and pot. Plus I was an alcoholic for years... So yeah sobriety is my new drug.
Love. I make it my goal to overdose on it everyday.
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King Cutie-Pie

            Hm... well, my favourite is probably shopping. emotion_kirakira
            Sometimes I hate having priorities. sad

            So I'll just say coffee.
i like it when i have a headache, then i take some tylenol. because then my headache is better.
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Sex, Marijuana... and Ecstasy on special occasions.
I wanna try shrooms sometime too.

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Unholy Slayer

mexican food & alcohol
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Lonely Phantom

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