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I know I always feel awesome after a workout. It's really cliche but it's true- you never regret a workout. No matter how I went into my workout, I always feel awesome afterwards.

Also, I know if I start skipping a lot of workouts, I feel like poo.
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well i want to have a great body
because girls love it wink
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I don't wanna gain back the 60 pounds I lost. That's why.
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It's a lot easier to get my butt on a run when there's someone relying on me to go with them.

Also so many hot people I'd like to ********. And I'd like to be comfortable with my body when that happens/have a hot enough bod to rope them in in the first place wink
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These hips my bf says he loves.
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Lately, I've been having a hard time trying to gather up motivation to exercise. What motivates you to move?

My life, My apoearance, and it's mandory lol.
1. Former model
2. Personal trainer
3. Husband

and generally the thought of getting fat and blob liked...that's the worse..
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I'm motivated to exercise just for the fun of exercise and feel excellent by the end of it. And the pure thought that I'll feel a whole lot stronger if I keep exercising. But also the food i eat.
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Mostly my anger and pent up frustration.
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Just for the sake of working out, because I like to. If I didn't, I wouldn't gain anything, but I love to feel the burn. Although there hasn't been time to do that lately. Usually jog a total of 11 miles a day when I can.
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"Not wanting to be a fat mass."

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how i'm gaining weight so quickly these days. i used to be so conscious about that stuff and i want to get back to that. exercising is a great way to push out all of my pent up anger too

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